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MiSTer FPGA News & Updates – IREM Arcade games, Rodland, VRR and More

Lu’s Retro Source
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Here are this week’s MiSTer FPGA updates.
RetroRGB Post:
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Rodland Core
Rodland Info:

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PSX Updates
Twitter post:
Evil Dead Fix:
Graphical Glitch fix:
SPU fix:
Beta core announcement:
Developer Patreon:

Jotego Updates
Twitter posts:

New cores:
Capcom World gameplay sample:
Block Block gameplay sample:
Dokaben gameplay sample:
Update All Script:
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Megumi Rescue Arcade
MiSTerFPGA forum post:
MAME Haze video:
Announcement of game dump:

Irem M72 Games

atrac17 Patreon:
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Taito Egret II Spinner
MiSterFPGA Discord test release:
GitHub thread:
Taito Egret II Mini videos:

theypsilon Patreon page:

MiSTer Lag Tests
Zez Retro Video:
RetroRGB article:
MiSTerAddons Input Latency results on website by Lemonici:

Variable Refresh Rate
VRR Nightly Build:
Forum post:
Github Info:

Other MiSTer FPGA updates
ZX Spectrum, Amstrad, SMS, SNES:

Genesis, MegaCD:
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0:00 Rodland Core
0:54 PSX core updates
1:56 New Jotego cores
3:17 Rare Megumi Rescue arcade game added
3:51 Dragon Breed coming to MiSTer
4:15 Egret II Mini spinner support
5:00 DIY Controller lag tests
5:37 Variable Refresh Rate suport coming
7:27 Other updates


  1. 6 months later: Still looking forward to Taito Egret II Mini Spinner support in the main core… one day PLZ!

  2. Still waiting on save states for Genesis core 🙂

  3. Seriously the people who watch this channel are you all incapable of reading the original sources where he just reads exactly what they say…. After the last time he messed up he has NEVER tried to explain anything by himself 😂😂😂patron for core Games you can play great on emulation you lot fools paying that

  4. More good news for MiSTer.
    Especially looking forward to Rodland. Rodland was one of my favourite games on the Amiga 500 where it got a very good conversion.

  5. VRR is very important for many arcade games, but also for the Wonderswan, which displayed refreshed at 75 Hz.

  6. R-Type (when released) will also benefit from VRR, as it runs natively at 55Hz.

  7. Another great video 👏🏻 MiSter keeps getting better 💪🏻 Thanks for all your work dude 🙏🏻

  8. VRR is HUGE! Thank you for the explanation Lu!

  9. I think there is a misconception about VRR here. Maybe someone can fix my understanding. The mister can already run at 57, 54.3 or whatever frame rate. Some TVs do not like this input and go blank, and you have to force the 60hz signal in the mister config. A subset of those problematic TV behave better when they receive a VRR / freesync signal, even if the refresh rate is steady at 54hz and VRR is not needed, this solves some compatibility issues

  10. Love your videos. Look forward to them every week. Any chance we could get timestamps? I'm not sure how much work would go into creating them so forgive me if they're a really big pain to make.

  11. Thanks for your comprehensive news update as always, Lu. It’s always appreciated. Cheers!

  12. Rodland! I love that game, this is good to hear it's in the works

  13. I sure love watching these to start my week!

  14. Oh I like the lag tester, that's clever! I've a USB 9 pin joystick adapter I could easily test with such a set up!

  15. Cool, there are some good games on that Irem M72 board and the support for the spinner is a great idea.

  16. OMG did i hear r-type arcade on mister 💪💪💪i Will be in heaven baby 🍻🍻🍻🍻

  17. I've been waiting for that Tomba 2 fix!! Awesome news.

  18. It's great that now MiSTer supports variable refresh rate. My PC monitor only supports it through DisplayPort, so I have to use an HDMI to DisplayPort passive adapter, right? Or does it have to be active?

  19. For DOS, the resolution is actually 320×200 @ 70Hz, or 320×240 @ 60Hz, and this would normally get line-doubled to 31KHz with a VGA card.

  20. gunbird 2 from the arcade game or dreamcast system? Shows the dreamcast case.
    Look forward in the breakout type game. IDK about the japanese baseball one. I can't play that.
    Dragon bread looks good.

  21. Your channel is outstanding. I have been listening to your updates for agood bit now. I have almost everything i need, except the main board, DE 10 Nano, and I am super excited to see how the MiSTercade performs! (I know it'll be great 🙂

  22. Great updates as usual👍🏼. As an owner of a Egret Mini Spinner controller I’m excited it is getting support on Mister

  23. If a mortal kombat core came out, could a sd consumer crt run it at 53hz? I know vrr just applies to modern displays.

  24. Is megumi rescue added to the arcade or it work only on the sms core

  25. Has anyone figured out how to actually make block block (joystick) work with a joystick? I can remap everything i want and all buttons worj but I cannot control the paddle?

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