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Minecraft | THE FORBIDDEN ARCADE MACHINE!! | Custom Mod Adventure

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Today, Trayaurus and I get bored of playing our own games, so we decide to go down to the local arcade.. But we get tempted by one of the banned arcade machines..

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  1. Thank you for the memories, Dan. I remember watching this years ago.

  2. He didn’t acknowledge the missing Diamond minecart

  3. This showed on my recommended, and now my memories have been unlocked

  4. Wow I remember having nightmares about that pac-man..

  5. I watched this when i was 4 now i am 8 wow… It's been a long time

  6. the part where they go into the game scared me when i was a kid

  7. This remind me of the ninjago prime empire


  9. Custom more adventure reenactment: the forbidden arcade machine.
    Arcade: What did I tell you about coming into this room?!
    This machine has such a terrible glitch that it must never be played!
    However, you decided to break the rules.
    Rai320: But we're sorry though, we didn't really mean to, it was all Roadfrog's fault, we're really sorry!
    Arcade: Um nope, I cannot allow this in my arcade!
    Get out!
    Rai320: NOOOOOOOO!!!
    No I swear we didn't mean to, please don't ban us!
    (Kick sound)
    Geez, there's no need to kick me out the door, wow, right, we're going home, geez.

  10. The good old times when I actually thought this arcade was in minecraft

  11. I used to watch these Custom Mod Adventures all the time! I love getting to see them again!

  12. Remember when this said 1 hour ago, and now it says 5 years ago. (Soon to be 6)

  13. I Haven't Go to the Arcade for Ages

  14. Ohhh! They were playing Nidhogg back then! wow.

  15. I really want the custom doors, They seem really cool! I can't seem to find the link though…

  16. Again another mistake, clyde’s bow has infinity so inkys arrow should still be with him, but it’s not.

  17. Man what a throw back to show this on my recommended

  18. I heard a cave sound in the background

  19. The nostalgia, mate! I loved PAC-MAN back in 2015!

  20. Me being 16 and deciding to have a nostalgia trip

  21. Whats The reason to search it and watch it again…

  22. 1:34 I Cannot Believe The Man Without Hands Beat Dan At Video Games.

  23. can you do a video about your minecraft dantdm child

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