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Minecraft: 3 Mini-Game Machines👾🎮

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In todays Minecraft Guide you will learn how to make 3 easy Arcade Machines. These simple Arcade Machine Tricks will be a beautiful Decoration your Minecraft survival World. Use all 3 Machines and go build an Arcade Hall. The shown tricks on how to build three arcade machines and arcade games are really easy to recreate in your Minecraft survival world. You don’t need any redstone skills to build those tricks. You can change the theme of these designs by simply using different blocks and banners for the minecraft arcade machines. Maybe you want to have one of these designs in your living room, or even your bedroom! 😀 You will learn tricks on how to build an Arcade Machine, a Claw Machine and the Whac-A-Creeper Game. You can place these Furniture wherever you want in your Minecraft world! They will always be a nice decoration for your house! Use the piston tricks shown in the video to recreate the designs.

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And also go check out AverageTunaSandwich’s Channel. He inspired me to build these machines! 🙂

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  1. i have made your secret staircase but it didn't work maybe my Minecraft is pocket and your java

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  4. This helped me a lot, I can now make my arcade better because of you! Thank you very much you videos are awsome! I subscribed 🥰. (btw I play on bedrock not sure is this will work I will try it out soon.) I have also liked. 🤩

  5. BBlocks, im glad ur not doing click baits. You are perfect.

  6. Make indian falg please because half of your army are from India 😭😭🙏🙏

  7. I like all your vids and subscribed too 😀

  8. This guy NEEDS more subs for his extra hard work! unless he found it on the internet.

  9. they give good ideas abvout mine craft

  10. I cant stop watching your videos…

    Because it's cool

  11. 🍀• A • S • H • E • R • Y •🍀 says:

    How do you make the shield black it doesn't work though?

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  13. You are the best crafter in this game and should be awarded noble prize of minecraft

  14. I watch your channel the entire time whether I’m building or not keep up the great work!

  15. Can't make the vent hole, I tried it, that's it

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    Me:but if we already know who you are or what?

    PD: Never say your name in a next video or else you will think us fools

  17. You really perfect idea❤❤❤❤

  18. Pls someone answer can we use carpet instead of snowblocks

  19. I have an idea to make random the prize of the game: In the dispenser use 1 slot to the prizes and In the other 8 put bone meal

  20. Wow the machines I can't even say how amazing it was!!!!😘😘😘

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