MAME Arcade Games on the AtGames Legends Pinball - BYOG/AddOn Tutorial -

MAME Arcade Games on the AtGames Legends Pinball – BYOG/AddOn Tutorial

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In this video we’ll go through the setup of how to package MAME 2003 games and play them on the Legends Pinball. We’ll step through all the components you need to install, package a game and play it on the Legends Pinball table along with Galaga, Pac-Man and a few others! More details here:

* Full Instructions for this video:
* Wagner’s TechTalk AtGames Legends Pinball Page:
* AtGames Legends Pinball Page:

* Main ALP Guide:
* CoinOpsX Guide:
* ALP PinUP Popper Baller Installer Setup:
* ALP Pinball FX3 Setup:
* ALP Initial PC Setup / Prep:
* VIBS Switch Button Mount Details:

00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – What we’ll cover
01:42 – Game Packaging
07:28 – Install on Table
08:47 – Game Play
11:41 – Conclusion

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  1. Awesome video! This could easily be the definitive "go to" video for the ALP community to mod their ALPs. Love the written guide, too (I'm old school.) Hope to see both updated in the future.Might want to think about adding a section on how to format the drive for those that want to have this and their Zacc games on a single drive.

  2. Is it actually possible to play 2P games on the ALP utilzing two controllers?

  3. can you add more mame cores like 2010 / 2012 like you can on retroipie

  4. I thought you were going to add pinball tables.

  5. Good video Wagner. I’m glad you made the point that the “fill” is not the correct aspect and it’s stretched which isn’t right. One of the key things from my wallcade build was the fact that I made those custom bezels for the vertical games so they could stay in the correct aspect and not have the black borders. Also , you can play horizontal games too on that screen as well , it’s just a small display area. Lastly , I’m not sure if you noticed , but that Mame core does not support sample wav audio sound bytes that are missing from mame2003 games like Galaga, DK , space invaders , Etc. Did you hear the ship Crash in Galaga when you died? When I did my UCE I had to used a special core and add the sample wav files for Those games.

  6. I am glad you used the regular addon mode under byog. I prefer this over coinopsX and addonX. You don’t need to be online and it isn’t as glitchy as coinopsX. Once you have the UCE files you can easily just drag and drop on the fat32 formatted usb drive. No need to partition like with flash drive X.

  7. PinMame is just a matter of time can't wait to put Gilligan's Island on here then childhood salvaged.

  8. Great video showing the basics! love your written tutorials and resources. thanks for all you do!

  9. Great video as always. We need that batch video

  10. When you have Zarcaria Pinball tablles on Jumpdrive, AddOn X Games, and CoinOPS X Games, you gonna need at least 128 gig to be safe.

  11. How can you add top and bottom bezels for these? Also will this work the same in coinopsx?

  12. I can’t bring the menu to change the button mapping, is there something I’m missing? I’ve tried every button?

  13. Thanks for the video, Do you have to map the buttons every time you play a MAME game on ALP or just the first time you play each game ? Maybe a stupid question but figured I’d ask.

  14. How do you use the batch create in the tool

  15. I can get all to work except Donkey Kong. How do you add credits for that game?

  16. Neat! I just got my game today. I never knew using roms was an option. I just assumed the arcade games were pay to play.

  17. How well do landscape aspect MAME games work on the vertical display? I have been trying to find examples on these to decide if upgrading the controller panel will be worth it.

  18. When I go to BYOG/AddOn/ all the games I build per your instructions show up on the screen. When I highlight on and press start, the screen blinks and then an overlay screen says loading, then screen blinks again and it goes back to the screen showing all the games without starting. I just installed the arcade control panel and all the games on ArcadeNet work fine. What am I missing here?

  19. I used this process last year and have been using .uce files on a thumb drive since. They stopped working after the tablea last update. Anyone else have this issue?

  20. Where can one obtain different mame emulator cores? The only one you provide is mame2003+. What about the mame2010 emulator core?

  21. Do high scores save on some of these games?

  22. Can you keep both the USB flash drive and USB cable coming from computer connected to the ALP at the same time?

  23. I followed the directions and the games would say loading, but then wouldn't play 🙁

  24. There wouldn't by chance be an update download link to the boxart packs would there?

  25. I did this and it worked! Thanks for the video. Question– If later I got a At Games arcade machine (not pinball) would it work to just plug the USB stick into the extra slot and pull up in 'add on' ?

  26. Wow looks forking painful, Just connect a PC and done!

  27. Besides the Mame 2003 .so file, where do you get the other ones these days? I tried the Patton Plays guide but his link is dead.

  28. cant get box art do you have a different link

  29. Does it save the high scores when changing from one game to another

  30. Thanks for the great video and links. I got Galaga to work on my ALP and I'm 75% happy. If you know how to get it to do a two player game and can pass along that information I would be 110% happy because I can have my lifelong buddy Tony come over and we can recreate our epic Galaga battles from the mid 1980's. TIA


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