MAME Arcade Games NEW Easy Set Up With LaunchBox -

MAME Arcade Games NEW Easy Set Up With LaunchBox

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MAME just got a whole lot easier with new a feature recently added LaunchBox you can now import a full arcade MAME set!
You will be playing your favorite old-school arcade games in no time with this easy to follow MAME tutorial.

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  1. Why is mame just the absolute worst emulator to deal with….

  2. Thanks for the video. I built my own cabinet and downloaded launch box and loaded MAME. But I am having an issue where my joysticks are switching between player 1 and player 2. Do you know how to assign the joystick and buttons so they don't swap? I have 2 separate encoders.

  3. I beleive you forgot to mention the latest Mame Bios files needed?

  4. Worked great!!!! Thanks for the video. One question though if you want to add a single rom to the already inputted folder how do you go about adding that?

  5. What do you do if windows will not download launch box?

  6. I hope you do or create a feature

    easy syouryuuken (ryu/ken)

    easy hadouken

    in other games like The King of Fighters – games

  7. I'd really like a tutorial on how to get mame working in launchbox via retroarch, I really like being able to use shaders and overlays, especially for arcade since there's a huge amount of game-specific bezels/overlays out there to make the experience more authentic. However, i've not been able to get any of my arcade games to launch from launch box.. they just freeze before the game boots. And if I use fireburn alpha as a core instead they just flat out won't launch, the window comes up and immediately closes… except for some reason, Gradius Launches with the mame core… just Gradius… not sure why. All the games launch fine in stand-alone retroarch. But not through launchbox. Can't find any helpful info on this anywhere.

    PS: Great videos btw. You're the reason I got launchbox when I was struggling with getting my retropie to stop freezing so often.

  8. I have 20+ consoles perfectly configure on LaunchBox/BigBox but i have this problem:

    -Roms are ok, images and videos for every arcade roms are ok and they all work with my Mame version. LaunchBox recognize those roms just fine but when i choose to run a game it doesnt lunch. Instead Mame is open. How can i solve this?

  9. would you like to share your mame games with me?

  10. anyway to hide the taskbar? make it look better?

  11. What a load of crap. Super easy to follow? Easy? Bullshit. If it's that easy, it shouldn't take you 15 minutes to explain a convoluted process.

  12. Anyone know what would generally be considered minimum CPU/RAM specs to run this well on Windows, for purpose of a old Arcade games? I don't have much desire to do home console emulation, just the 80's/90's classic arcade games.

  13. I'm diving into emulation and this was perfect, wasn't aware of launchbox but it seems like the best option for pc emulation. Thank you!

  14. Comparte el mega pack de Mame ? Tienes algún link para las roms Mame con sus caratulas?

  15. What I did is to add my Mame emulator to run already tested games working with that version and It worked! As import brings many games my handpicked set does not have or that I will not be playing

  16. What kind of pc is going to run the emulators the best?

  17. 3:23 you're gonna do what? 8 actions while only describing 1? well that's not very helpful at all now is it?

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