Luigi's Mansion Arcade - Full Game Playthrough -

Luigi’s Mansion Arcade – Full Game Playthrough

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A longplay for Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, released in 2015 by Nintendo and Capcom.

The game is based off Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon, which makes sense considering that came out 2 years prior. It features the same ghosts and locations and even some ScareScraper exclusive ghosts later in the game, which I think is really cool.

The gameplay is pretty simple. Luigi moves automatically whereas the player controls the Poltergust 5000, which can be used to obtain treasures and defeat ghosts.

The game is notably pretty difficult, giving the player only 2 hearts. This makes sense considering it’s an Arcade game though.

The game even features unique boss fights, although it uses the same bosses from LM2.

There are 3 levels in this game:
Gloomy Manor: The starting mansion. It’s the only mansion that let’s you pick a path. The boss is “The Brain” ghost in the Piano Room.

Old Clockworks: The 2nd level in the game. The bosses are “the three sisters”, who oddly enough appear in Haunted Towers in the 3DS game.

Treacherous Mansion: The final level and King Boo’s home. Here you’ll fight some unique ghosts…and that’s basically it. No puzzles really. At the end you fight King Boo who is pretty fun tbh.


  1. this reminds me of when I played wii something motion where you have to not let the miis get taken by ghosts or whatever

  2. How do I continue with boost in this game? Because yesterday, I played, and I don’t know how to do that, can you tell me?

  3. Just played this game again today and it still holds up well!

  4. I wish I can go there like at Chuck E. Cheese to play that because it looks so cool the bosses and mini bosses look very great and nice quality on the battles I might go there next time to Chuck E. Cheese

  5. I was at Walmart in San Diego with Nick and Tara can take you!

  6. 1:00 Used 4 Walmart Credits

    NICK: Are you ready, Tara?
    TARA: I’m ready, Nick!

  7. Jesus Christ is coming back soon, accept him as your lord before it is too late..

  8. I love watching the 3ds version (as my R button broke last year) and get mad nostalgia when I watch it

    In Dave and Busters I would play this when I get the chance

    Luigi’s “Nooo!” Scream will always scare me

  9. Thank you for sharing! You’re the MVP! ❤

  10. Luigi "after using my vacuum against hundreds of ghosts, im going to nap for a while and do it again in a loop"
    Mario: "that's nice"

  11. Timestamps: Level 1: Gloomy Manor 1:04 Level 2: Old Clockworks 13:42 Level 3: Treacherous Mansion (Last Level) 27:02 Stats: Level 1: Gloomy Manor | Points Scored: 5481 Rating: 2 Stars Difficulty: Easy Coins Collected: 1414 Ghosts Caught: 91 Max Combo: 5 Level 2: Old Clockworks | Points Scored: 7848 Rating: 2 Stars Difficulty: Normal Coins Collected: 1944 Ghosts Caught: 131 Max Combo: 26 Level 3: Treacherous Mansion (Last Level) | Points Scored: 9277 Rating: 2 Stars Difficulty: Hard Coins Collected: 2446 Ghosts Caught: 114 Max Combo: 29

  12. What about the second floor of the gloomy manor?

  13. Put this on the wii or the vr pls nintendo

  14. Nintendo + Capcom: Luigi's Mansion Arcade

  15. Nintendo & Capcom Present: Mario at The Ghosts: Luigi's Mansion Arcade.

  16. Really? This game was made by Capcom? I thought they were remarkable by making failed games ove mr the years.

  17. I play this all the time at Dave and Busters but it’s nearly impossible to play longer than five minutes without dying, even with two players

  18. This has Luigi's mansion Dark moon graphics cause three doesn't have those exact green ghosts anymore or atleast not ones with 1000 IQ

  19. That's the end of Luigi mansion arcade?

  20. its almost the same as luigi dark moon but some are new and reskin ghosts, reused

  21. Kinda funny how King Boo has more health in this game than he does in the actual game.

  22. I played this at an arcade and it was pretty fun.

  23. I played this and it was painful in the arcade

  24. I think LM2 HD could use these models instead of changing the artstyle, you guys already have a high quality Luigi right there!

  25. I REMEMBER THIS FROM BLACKPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Luigi found a Chaos Emerald. Collect six more to play as Super Luigi.

    The game looks solid, but the difficulty screams "feed me money" attitude. Kids will love it and I would love it, but I would not be paying enough to complete this game.

  27. I wish this came to switch with the original game

  28. I thought I played them all, but then… (Where's all these located)

  29. This game might be fun if it was playable. But they decided to put the game that makes you wave around the controller inside a small cramped box. Simply making it a standing up game would make it a million times better

  30. Reminds me of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles

  31. bro has a framed picture of himself & Polterpup that's so wholesome

  32. a local arcade near me has this game. i havent played it much. should i make a video playing it?

  33. I like how differently the map is structured

  34. Honestly They Prob Should've Put Strong Gobber As A Boss Because He Has Like 300 Hp And The Game Needs More Than 3 Bosses And Only Has Like One Mid-Boss Which Is The Normal Gobber

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