Lottostar Arcade Games - First Look -

Lottostar Arcade Games – First Look

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Lottostar have launched their brand new Arcade games, and in this video I check out the 17 games on offer: Turbo Mines, Hamsta Digging Gangsta, Magic Keno, Turbo Plinko, JavelinX, Crash X Football, Crash X, Baypaktar, Save the Princess, Limbo Rider, Ball & Ball, Fury Stairs, Towers, Sushi Catcher Neko, Dog’s Street, Dice Twice. Apologies for excluding the Limbo game, but I got a copywrite strike.

I love the Turbo Plinko game, and it’s in my opinion by far the best of the lot. You can find all the games on @LottostarCoZa

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  1. What's that? I want that "thing" 😅😅😅

  2. Rainbow Mania is paying more than Fruits…

  3. How do I create a Live account if am from Namibia

  4. How do I create a Live account if am from Namibia

  5. I came as soon as I saw the notification ❤️❤️❤️

  6. South African version of 'Stake Originals'

  7. They should add Hacksaw, relax gmaing and Pragmatic and also ensure that they have new games. Supabets has stopped updating Pragmatic games…Now we playing old slots…I want new experiences with affordable price.

  8. These ones are here to chow chow chow🤣 thanks I wont be playing em🤧💔

  9. Not for me rather play slots and scratchcard.

  10. It'd been better if they actually added Pragmatic slots.

  11. We appreciate you showing us how it’s done ✅

  12. As for "she's wearing lingerie not that I'm complaining"😂😂😂

  13. Thank you Rob for showing us… I have lottorstar but I don't know what to bet when it comes to lottorstar games🙏

  14. Hi rob nice one buddy thanks, i need help to send my max win link to feature on your season of subscriber big win is there no other way besides instagram or twitter please assist bru🙏

  15. It's lottostars version of split the spot

  16. Honorable, please confirm on street fighter game why do I break even all the time.

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