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loona being horrible at arcade games

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the unnies babying yeojin but they’re horrifically bad at games



  1. In Japan, you can ask the staff of arcade games to rearrange the toys in the claw machine so that it's easier to grab. There's a video somewhere of a guy doing that.

  2. Hyunjin is the queen of games. And Yeojin is a precious baby 😌✨

  3. shouldve guessed that hyunjin would be the one cracked at this 😭

  4. Right, I found out what game is this in 4:08. It's called Gunblade NY.

  5. I don't why I can't stop laughing at the darts part…it's like a comedy show. But to be fair, them type are darts are just terrible, they hardly stick to the board.

  6. the staff arranging the dolls so they could get them FKFKKFKFKFKSKKKS

  7. Hyunjin is a winner and I love that about her 💖Heejin: wanna play together?Hyunjin: No.😂 tbh that was a good call

  8. yeojin's scream caught me off guard omg 💀💀💀💀

  9. Heejin: want to play together?Hyunjin: no💀💀

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