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Locked in an Arcade Until I Win a Switch!

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Locked in an Arcade Until I Win a Switch | TFG Vlogs are back and today I will be winning a Nintendo Switch at Dave and Buster’s. See how long it will take! There will be a new tfg vlog every Sunday so stay tuned!
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  1. I need to know the economics behind spending 12 hours playing arcade games!

  2. That's weak sauce, everyone knows children can go 24 hours without food water and attention 😌

  3. So, for these tickets, how much money did you spend in the arcade that day?

  4. Bro has a friend named briuse 💀

    Note: is Bruce not bruise

  5. I thinks its funny that doing this would cost more than just buying a switch

  6. so how much dollars did his spent to get switch in the end ?

  7. Should have told Bruce to just bring the kid there and let him go nuts

  8. Curious how much you wound up spending to get all those tickets lol

  9. Not me looking for the machines to spit the tickets out until I realized they're digital now. Im old. 😢

  10. They can’t “lock” the doors due to standard fire codes….but good job, the “suspense” almost killed me

  11. I feel like it would be cheaper to just buy a switch😂 Arcade games are costly

  12. So i was always telling others that you are my favourite youtuber, but now when you literaly got the sam nintendo switch as me (oled neon color) you are my favourite youtuber

  13. Luv the time when he said “that’s not a great excuse to leave, but maybe children are more important than arcade games” 😂

  14. Respect! But I do wonder how much money you had to spend for a whole day in the arcade. (subscribed because of how this video ended. Best way)

  15. For me birthday party I’m going to David busters 🙂

  16. thank u for the switch Brandon

  17. Ma n I am gonna get it on Saturday🎉🎉🎉🎉

  18. Oh look a PlayStation for 16000 get that as well

  19. Maybe the kids are more important than arcade games💀

  20. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😮😂😅😅😅

  21. You didn't say 20 hours you said 1-2 hours at the end of the video

  22. yes children like me are WAY more important than arcade games

  23. I just watched his video where he broke Sam's Switch from 3 years ago, and this was the next video, imagine if he finally got Sam the switch, lol!

  24. But… the biggest is funland. Ah maybe its probably the 2nd biggest

  25. I Love your view so much keep up the good work

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