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Locked in an Arcade Until I Win a PS5!

FaZe Rug
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I challenged my friend @Simplistic to a race to win a PS5 in an arcade, but NO ONE can leave until someone wins..
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Video Inspiration: @TFGVlogs

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  1. If you ever gave the PS5 away yet give it to me

  2. I love Noah and rug Which country are you in I will come there

  3. not me because you is fazze rug you is my fav ytuber

  4. idk why but noah always loses to rug like always almost as if it is a setup…..

  5. One time I went to the arcade and won the jackpot. Some girl was recording it Snapchat.

  6. You should give away the gaming stuff to more girls

  7. Faze Rug you should make more videos with unspeakable I think you only made one video with unspeakable and I love your videos and this is my grandma's iPad I bought this iPad for her birthday

  8. I want a new iphone 15 pls I took my tonsils off because i't was a big hug date

  9. It’s crazy that when I was 12 my high score on a punch machine was 868

  10. noha is better then you his stonger then you he is a lot better

  11. I love you Bosley rest in peace❤🤧😭🤲

  12. My kids love your videos. As a parent i approve of your content for my kids❤. Hope we can meet u one day. Its on our bucket list😮

  13. You’re such a loser you say you’re gonna win cause you’re not gonna win face rug better

  14. Was it just me or was Noah cheating with that one game like?

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