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Locked Away – Sega Arcade Games

Sega Lord X
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Sega arcade games are among some of my favorite games of all time. Unfortunately, many of them are still locked away in the arcade with no official home release. The games you are about to see are some of the games that are on that list, and I would love to see come home in a faithful conversion. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Episode Notes:

1. I used a combination of emulators for this episode. I used Supermodel for the Model 3 games, Nebula Model 2 for Desert Tank, Demul for Planet Harriers, and MAME for the rest.

2. Planet Harriers emulation is very poor. Many graphical and sound problems. It’s good enough to get an idea what the game is about, however.

3. I use to own a Sega Super GT arcade unit about 10 years ago. I was forced to sell it in a move. One of my biggest regrets ever. It was pristine.

4. I used the Space Harrier music from the 32X version for Planet Harriers because of the sound problems.

5. I used music from Sega’s Indy 500 in the opening description of the episode while Daytona 2 was playing.


  1. Amazing list, excited to try out Golden axe arcade on a modded Xbox 😬

  2. In my next life on earth saturn willl be called mega 32x which will be a succrss these great games will be released on it and dreamcast.

  3. One of my favorite arcade games (Which is not by SEGA) is Lucky and Wild by Namco. I would love to see that game on consoles soon. However, I know we have MAME but I want to see this game translate to the home platform.

  4. I just CAN'T get some of these running in MAME either 🙁 Even Daytona USA seems to have issues, how sad.

  5. Thing is, do we NEED to play any of these games any way other than emulation? We just need better quality emulation.

  6. Am thankful we have companies like M2 and Arcade1Up help port great arcade classics to today gamers. I hope that one day will see some of the arcade games in this video get a re-release arcade cabinet by Arcade1Up.

  7. This reminds me of what it was like growing up in the arcades. These games were loud, fast, and awesome! My kids will never get to experience the arcade like that and it makes me a little sad.

  8. Outrunners had a Sega Genesis port…

  9. Love your channel. Do you have a sega RPG episode?

  10. What a great Video Idea man, thanx a Lot! Back in the days the graphics of ScudRace Blow me away when i saw IT in the magazines. Here in Germany aren't any Arcades, only Mashines Like in the Casinos and entrance only at 18!!
    Best regards from Germany 🤘

  11. Virtua Racing, Daytona USA, Super GT24, Sega Touring Car, Jurassic Park, Wave Runner, The Skiing game….

  12. Of all companies out there why did I have to be a SEGA fan?

  13. I can definitely relate to Sega Lord X, being a middle aged guy myself who grew up loving Sega arcade games. I also spent countless hours on system16.com looking at all the arcades games that never came out locally. I can't believe that arcades are actually making a comeback, as a Round 1 Entertainment opened up near my area with some of the more recent titles (House of The Dead Scarlet Dawn), and Japanese titles that I had never seen before (Project Diva Arcade Future Tone).

  14. There is an emulator called Supermodel which does Star Wars Trilogy Arcade.

  15. There is no c, x, or k in the first syllable of "especially". Sorry, had to be that guy.

  16. I think most of these games had an expensive, fancy sit-down unit that justified playing the game. Sega probably figured that a home port, with a gamepad, would lose more than half the charm, so no point in porting it to home consoles. That would be my guess.

  17. I like how the Planet Harrier Guy wears ADIDAS sweat pants

  18. Cool video, man! I've noticed we think the same way about Sega Model 3 arcade games: it doesn't matter if they are over 20 years old, they will always awe me with those graphics and blistering 60fps goodness! You also mentioned some degree of frustration for some games not being ported to the Sega CD, like Golden Axe the Revenge of Death Adder, but I don't think they'd look good on that system… though the hardware boasted the scaling and rotation capabilities, they were severely underused, and when they were eventually used, it was nothing at the caliber of System 32's awesome sprite capabilities. But still, It would've been great to have seen something being ported to home consoles anyway.

  19. The H-D game was ported at least in demo version to PC. I seem remember playing it at home because it was one of the first games I could use my control pad for.

  20. So you can't find the BETA of SCUD Race or Sega Super GT for the Dreamcast ISO or ROM or GDI or CGI file somewhere on the internet?

  21. Does Sega GT on the Dreamcast have any relationship in anyway to SCUD racing? Is it just a coincidence that one is called Sega GT and the other is alternately known as Sega Super GT?
    SCUD Racing like all Sega's Racing games looks real gorgeous, cool and fun to play.

  22. I played the hell out of the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade in the 90s. Absolutely mind blowing.

  23. It aint easy to play most of these on a modest pc mame wont run most ofem

  24. I'm with you however I think Sega would use the whole cost versus reward excuse as to why they aren't bothered to release them.

  25. I think you should focus on some of Sega’s earlier arcade games that never got ports—games such as Brain, FlashGal, Repulse, Legend, many of the lesser known System-1 and System-2 titles from Coreland/Sega, etc…….

  26. why's a gas truck speeding at the 345 mph you're cruising at?

  27. As much as I love Daytona 2, Scud Race is my favorite locked away Sega arcade classic.

  28. For some reason Star Wars won’t emulate for me. It freezes when I pick the level. I live playing all of these. Just a novelty for me.

  29. Can we maybe not talk about raping people in the middle of the video? It's extremely jarring and ruins the video.

  30. Loved this video. Crazy to me that they never released these on the XBOX One or PS4.

  31. You listed SO many that I'm frustrated to have never seen at home, like SW Trilogy Arcade, Planet Harriers, most of them, in fact, and more reason why I always thought SEGA blew away the arcade competition. Planet Harriers was, at one point, going to come to GameCube, at least in Japan, right?

  32. 13:15 For the love of God SEGA, officially release Revenge of Death Adder for something already!

  33. Didnt Daytona 2 have licensed music tho? Some 80's group did some tracks on it.

  34. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade was one of those games I always wanted to play as a kid, but was always occupied. There wasn't as much putting quarters up back in the late 90s/early 2000s, but best believe kids were waiting on queue for their chance to fight Darth Vader

  35. Star Wars Trilogy on the Dreamcast would have severely helped sell this console. So many fantastic titles could have made this box necessary.

  36. They replaced tyris flare by a horse-woman
    this us unforgiven

  37. I was hoping to see Spiderman: The Videogame and Arabian Fight in this list. Those 2 games are another gems that never got a home port.

  38. I am a simple man I see Star Wars Trilogy Arcade and I hit like

  39. I wish in 2022, sega would themselves Release some of this stuff for the dreamcast still, I honestly think it would only take a few people to do it, so it could make the company money. We are still buying new dreamcast games so the market is there and I would gladly throw my money at it.

  40. I want Planet Harriers so bad, seemed like an obvious eventual Dreamcast port

  41. And of course Revenge of Death Adder is another must

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