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Locked Away Sega Arcade Games Part 2

Sega Lord X
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Another episode of Sega arcade games that have never had an accurate or faithful home port. I chose a few 3rd party arcade games that were done on Sega hardware for this one.

Part 1 –

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Episode Notes:

1. Model 2 games captured via Nebula Model 2.
All other games via MAME.

2. I do not generally consider ports to much weaker hardware as grounds for saying a game received a home version. A port should capture the overall look and feel of the game its based on. Like say Sega Rally on the Saturn.

3. Games covered here:
Pilot Kids
Over Rev
F1 Exhaust Note
Air Rescue
Dark Edge
Slip Stream
GP Rider
Laser Ghost

4. Opening monologue music is Credits from Super GT.
Ending monologue music is Heat Waves from Super Monaco GP.

5. If you like this content, please let me know you want a part 3!


  1. I also remember buying Laser Ghost for the Master System (I live in the uk) absolutely years ago in a second hand store for like 50p & being pretty disappointed with it when I actually tried it out, how could a light gun game with monsters and ghosts not be brilliant?? That arcade version looks 1000% better

  2. What's really sad, is all these games had some amazing soundtracks, and save for a hand full, like Daytona 2 and SCUD Race, you can't find most of them.

    Like Air Rescue. That soundtrack was jammin. A small arcade in my town had that machine in the back, and I used to pop tokens in it just to hear that rocking music.

    Also, if Sega had put some of those early 90s "3D scaling" games on the Sega CD, instead of crappy FMV games, I bet the Sega CD would have been amazing.

  3. holy smokes that Monaco track looks like monaco in 2d!

  4. Aurail was NOT a Japan only release, it was actually released in the US, but in not many arcades in the US.

  5. 6:58 Look! Crackhead Johnny!
    Props for you if you understand this reference.

  6. "Nightmare Fuel" strikes me as the best descriptor for those CGI soldiers. x.x

  7. Man all these super scalers need a port to modern consoles they are historic graphics software and the tech used to make them id love to boy collection packs that come with documentarys on how they were made they are so beautiful sega is beast shit id buy a console version of the arcade tech SEGA would kill if they did that for each board.

  8. I wish i could die and be given a time machine so i could experience the world i never got to see either that or Neurolinked VR becomes advanced enough that we can live in realistic VR simulations of historic timelines kinder like san junipero in BlackMirror.

  9. Why did super scaler tech stop imagine what could be done today with higher definition sprites this shit is modern Art its so beautiful im so happy its real.

  10. Thank you LordX. Great review of some of our worlds greates arcade videogames. I should fill you in on a certain detail that made Laser Ghost such a great game. If you google its cabinet you will see the guns are like a little box, or a screen. This is because there was a hologram of a laser beam inside. And when you fired it flashed accordingly, it produced a really awesome effect for the game which have, to my knowledge, not been replicated.

    Also, even though SEGA designed their own boards and hardware, regarding the Model2 they had plenty of help from Martin Marietta who I understand provided the 3D-chips and texturing for SEGA's boards. The later Model3 was a developement of the Model2. SEGA never manufactured their own 3D CPUs, only IO-chips and simpler ASICs.

  11. You know what sucks? Star Wars Trilogy Arcade was on the Sega Model 3 board.
    You know, the same board the Dreamcast was a part of along with Naomi?! There's several games that need a Homebrew release for Dreamcast. Star Wars Arcade Racer, Trilogy Arcade, Gun Survivor Code Veronica, Waverunner, etc.
    The biggest crime are the Naomi versions of Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Capcom vs SNK 2. They will never be re-released.
    Oh and Planet Harriers!

  12. I wonder why Sega Nintendo Namco never release their superscalar games

  13. The genre for Air Rescue would be Psychological Horror because how creepy those soldiers you rescue look. How they run at you with soulless eyes and gaping maws. And then they pop into view in your cockpit and look more unsettling then before.

  14. Laser Ghost looks awesome and is so obscure! 🦄🦄🦄

  15. I was watching this and you talked about Laser Ghost and VR. You know, I think VR and a VR gun would solve all the light gun issues (to a point) for the older games using light gun tech. I know Nintendo has been using some sort of sensor for some of their wii games and such but VR… damn! Might be onto something there.

  16. Me: Sega I want a "Sega classics arcade!
    Sega: how about another Sega genesis classics.

    Me: :

  17. All this stuff is only a problem for actual collectors…these games can all be emulated flawlessly or nearly flawlessly and you can use whatever controller/cabinet you want

  18. I've gotten to try that mirror 3d fighter at a pinball expo, super cool looking, super unplayable as well

  19. It's a damn shame Sega never released Virtua Cop 3, as it was basically an original xbox game.

  20. its been said before and here i say it again wtf weren't any of these games ported to the Saturn or dreamcast either could have pulled off these games close to arcade perfect. Sega was and continues to be run by incompetent morons

  21. I don't know sega lord x laser ghost more looks like a rip off of ghost busters more than a house of the dead precurssor

  22. As a South American guy – I'm Brazilian, I had the chance to see and play Slipstream back in the day. I remember being blown away by the overall quality of the game. Two games that I didn't see in both lists of locked away arcade treasures were A.B. Cop and Rad Mobile, but I'm not entirely sure if they ever had home ports, though I'm pretty sure there weren't.

  23. 6:58: my nightmare.

    Also, never heard of Dark Edge before. Wow, that visual style is pretty awesome. Would've blown my 10-year-old mind.

  24. I have Yu Suzuki and Sega to thank for my love of F1, MotoGP and all things motorsport. I even have a Sega decal plastered onto the swing arm of my Yamaha R6!

  25. Sega model 2 emulator runs these with analogue controls and upscaled graphics.

  26. WOW, GP Rider's sprite hills and elevations on the track side look incredibly 3D, and it's even more amazing a 1990 X-board game. Technicaly the most impressive game, IMO.

  27. Slipstream and Overrev look great. I have a feeling Slipstream was only ported to South America to cash in on Japan's love of Brazil's F1 legend Ayrton Senna. Why it didn't come to Japan remains a mystery, but that's my guess… Japan in the 80s and 90s was crazy about F1 and Senna was a big reason why I believe.

  28. Of course we want a part 3! and then a Part 4!!

  29. i was remember arcade game F1 Exhaust Note,i play it in Hotel on winter time in Italy,it's been amazing play this game with my brother

  30. Over REV looks like what I wanted High Velocity (Saturn) to be. They need to release these. I can emulate Model 3 on a Mac but I don’t think I even have a way of emulating Model 2 outside of buying a PC or the arcade PCB.

  31. That Slipstream game was fucking gorgeous.

  32. I didn't hear you mention this in the video but Air Rescue got a 2D port the same year the arcade game was released and it was for Master System. It's okay, nothing special.

  33. oh man, Laser Ghost, forgot that existed. I used to play that at the arcade in the Comtemporary, at Disney World, when I was a kid. The gun had a little window on it that you could look through and it looked like actual laser beams were coming out of it and hitting the screen. So cool.

  34. Hi. Could you please feature or review the Sega Saturn version of Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?

    It's a great 2D side-scrolling shooter from 1997 that really captured the essence of the 1984 anime movie.

  35. That first game is like a clockwork Knight shmup

  36. Dude, I love your channel so much. There's arcade games I BARELY remember from my childhood – games I"ve been trying to figure out the names of so I could try and emulate them, so I could play them again, and I always find them on here. I've had the intro of Laser Ghost stuck in my head for YEARS – there was a cabinet of it in the officer's club in my dad's navy base. All I can remember is the freaky intro of the goblins snatching people up, and I've been searching for what the hell that game was forever.

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