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Let’s Go Jungle arcade 2 player 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2. Note that this game occasionally stuttered with the worst one being very early in gameplay. Because not all of the voices currently play correctly, I added them in after. Because of this, not everything is perfect.


  1. Tora: oh my God he’s beautiful like norah-
    Norah:(punch Tora in the face)

  2. I don't know why but I just thought of this game and now I found it

  3. this game was so campy and cheesy, personally it was my favorite for that reason as it had such a unique and vibrant charm with such an exaggerated and goofy gameplay style

  4. how foreigners sees Thailand….its like a jacked up Australia

  5. I wonder if it's possible beat this game without a continue, maybe even a no hit?

  6. Does anyone have the Let's Go Jungle file? If so, please let me know.

  7. I remember this was my first arcade game i've ever played when i was younger

  8. Australia: I have the biggest animals!


  9. I had a trauma with this game… I was scared once I get in truck

  10. what weapon do you choose to battle?

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  11. This brings back some childhood memories. Where the game was in like a room and the seat would spin around and I used to be the useless little sibling so my sisters had me just press the button

  12. This game let me don't want go Thailand LOL

  13. 🎄AnthonyTheVyonderGuy2001 Gamer12🎄 says:

    Man I Played That Game In Rainbows End

  14. This game will forever be legendary……plus the big mammoth spider gave me chills playing
    I remember I was a kid in Chuck E. Cheese and teenagers were playing this and said I was too young to play but I wanted to play and a group of girls pushed me and my sister back when it was our turn and we tried to watch them and they kept telling us to leave so after they died me and my sister played and were screaming so loudly extremely scared but this game is my childhood….💀💀

  15. I wonder what’s next
    Let’s Go Theme Park
    Let’s go City
    Let’s go Desert
    Let’s go Artic
    So many ideas ………..

  16. Theres so.eones physic creatures 🕷️🐛🐟🐸🦟

  17. I first played this game at "Recorcholis!" arcade center in MTY.

  18. Cryptic zoologist this game are make some gigantic extinct dinosaur animal to live in holocene present

  19. What happens if you choose the river cruise

  20. I remember crushing every single boss in this game and people would be amazed, now I just get crushed at these games. Great times…

  21. I remember playing this at the arcade a few times, this game is amazing, the only other similar game i've seen so far is Choo-Choo Charles but it hasn't released yet

  22. the moonlight butterfly gets its revenge lol

  23. I remember playing this in my local Arcade place,good times

  24. I miss this arcade, mantis look like ninja,
    When i was young, i dont know bout the giant bug

  25. i just imagine the magazine to be the size of a truck cuz reloading is never an issue

  26. OMG my childhood is back! Can we download it on pc.? because of Covid 19, I can't go to the game center ;-;

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