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Let’s Go Island arcade 2 player 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2. I had to press the start button for both players during the quick time events. I had to play this game at a lower resolution, so the picture isn’t as clear at 1080p60 compared to normal.


  1. I guess their board is made out of diamonds cuz it smashed into a rocked and dint event do a dent

  2. Where are all the gun come from?, And it always drop in that formation lol

  3. Zack: And that's how I met your Mother.
    Kids: Can we go to that Island too?
    Beth: Hell No!

  4. I remember playing this as a kid and my brother got scared by playing it


  6. Light gun games are so insane, I love 'em.

  7. It would be cool if this game and several other games like this were all put into a collection. That would be so fun to play with a friend at home, especially for PS5 since it has the special triggers that has the vibrate functionality just like the arcades, Hell I think the switch could also do that with the HD rumble.

  8. I used to play this in the philippines good ol' time

  9. The Japanese versions censor the guns by using water guns instead of assault rifles, meaning that the sharks are hurt and killed by WATER, the very thing they live in.

  10. Huh, the one I used to play used water guns instead actual guns, I was pretty confused, though it wasn't a big change, still a nice game!

  11. Its a long time that
    I have not played this
    (Man i wish i can play this)

  12. Omg I remembered playing this with my dad in an arcade:O

  13. Is this island being attacked by Aquaman or something?

  14. Question how he is holding the gun with 2 hands and driving. Also loved this game took a lot of my coins though.

  15. The male protagonist looks exactly like some guy from a sports show I can't think of the name of the show or person

  16. Quite experienced with assault rifles for a tourist, I must say

  17. I remember when I was so goddamn frighten playing this at the arcade.

  18. Do you know that big octopus is acully called the kraken or the giat squid but i dont know why a kraken in the afternoons,or morning and giant squid cant jump like that and how it can float like a kraken ok that not a real animal it dont have a name and i dont know its jump in the air (logic bad but the game fun)

  19. I remebered that i dominated the leaderboard, and the leaderboard just filled with my name on single player mode lol good time and also i like this game so much that i ended up play this ALOT lmao

  20. Lol i thought the game name is lost in the jungle

  21. Does anyone even notice how beths phone still works after it was taken into the water, and get this: there were no water protection things for phones that their time

  22. That’s one island I ain’t visiting …………..

    P.s. how does an assult rifle work under water. Like that doesn’t make sense

  23. All this species are return form extinction dinosaur moment but all resurrecting the all monster in everywhere to ruining the holiday moment and destroying all heavenen resort to abandoned

  24. i like how the type of the game is let's go jungle

  25. Ah, I remember playing this game. Good stuff.

  26. Used to play this game in the arcades, still wondering how do they hold their breath

  27. My hardest moment is the octopus when i was only own player. I HAVE TO SHOOT TWO TENTACLE WITH MY SELF

  28. Am I the only one who hates the final boss?

  29. This is just such a SEGA game. They don't make them like this anymore.

  30. Why their noses are long in the thumbnail when you click it?! 😂

  31. When the golfing ball can hit a very solid crab like monster: 9:47

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