LEGO Hammer Arcade Game! -

LEGO Hammer Arcade Game!

NickBricks123 Shorts
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This is a working LEGO Hammer Arcade Game!
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  1. Type of work do you a little bit I think it is a good idea to I can come in at work do you a favor and check out

  2. Easiest build. Easiest mechanism, and lol it doesnt actually goes down it goes front

  3. Bang buatin buatin buatin sekarang rumahmu kan di Grogot rumahku rumah sakit lama yang ada 2 tingkatnya yang satunya warna itu yang warnanya pink putih sama yang di sama yang di sampingnya itu gede

  4. 🎃просто аниматор🎃 says:

    И чё это!?!?!?!!?

  5. Ты дурак ¿ ну и зачем ты это зделал.

  6. It NOT even working well, most dumb thing yhat working one is NOT that Hard to make In that scale

  7. I mean, the design is great, but it doesn’t actually work at all. Seems more like a prop you would use in an actual set, instead of trying to actually replicate the game.

  8. It's kinda bit stiff.

    Edit: Can you add more machanism.

  9. Как сделать это !??

  10. Crea una máquina de pinball sin NXT plssss.

  11. Não sei ydzhrb vc,😈👿👹👹👹👹👹👺👺👺👺👺💀☠👻👽👾💩😺😹😹😻😼

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