LEGO Dimensions - All 23 Arcade Game Locations (All Arcade Games Unlocked) -

LEGO Dimensions – All 23 Arcade Game Locations (All Arcade Games Unlocked)

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How to find and unlock all 23 Classic Arcade Games in LEGO Dimensions played on the PS4. Below are the time stamps for each Arcade Location. Please use them to quickly skip to any particular one you wish to see.

00:01 to 01:41 – Toobin’ (Level 1 – Follow the LEGO Brick Road)
00:54 to 01:24 – Xybots (Level 4 – A Dalektable Adventure)
01:35 to 01:56 – Paper Boy (Level 5 – Painting the Town Black)
02:09 to 02:20 – Timber (Level 6 – Once Upon a Time Machine in the West)
02:34 to 03:30 – Vindicators (Level 8 – Riddle-earth)
03:40 to 04:07 – RoadBlasters (Level 9 – The Phantom Zone)
04:21 to 05:00 – Marble Madness (Level 12 – Prime Time)
05:12 to 05:28 – Blasteroids (Level 13 – The End is Tri)
05:39 to 06:06 – 720° (Back to the Future Level Pack)
06:17 to 07:04 – Cyberball 2072 (Simpsons Level Pack – The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)
07:15 to 08:00 – Klax (Portal 2 Level Pack – Aperture Science)
08:30 to 09:18 – Spy Hunter (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
09:30 to 10:22 – Robotron 2084 (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
10:30 to 10:55 – Defender II (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
11:05 to 11:55 – Joust (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
12:05 to 13:30 – Defender (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
13:42 to 15:14 – Super Sprint (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
15:26 to 16:05 – Gauntlet (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
16:13 to 16:43 – Gauntlet II (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
16:54 to 17:25 – BadLands (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
17:37 to 18:33 – Joust 2 (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
18:44 to 19:05 – Championship Sprint (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)
19:20 to 19:58 – Rampage (Midway Level Pack – Retro Wreckage)


  1. You forgot Spy Hunter 2 Tapper Satan's Hollow and Paperboy 2.

  2. 0:29 she mad because the machine is running away from her lol

  3. I know they already have a bunch of really good Midway games in here, but I’m still disappointed that Root Beer Tapper wasn’t included.

  4. Time stamps for all 23 of the Arcade Game locations is in the full video description. Please use it if you wish to find a specific game.

  5. Question, do you have to achieve a medal the arcade games in the levels to unlock them in the Midway Arcade world, or just plug the machine up to the platforms to unlock them?

  6. Just to be clear- do you have to beat the level after hooking up to the dock, or can you just quit back to the hub world and then play it in the Arcade World?

  7. This is just too cool! 23 authentic retro arcade classics compiled into a larger adventure game! Eat your heart out Disney Infinity and Skylanders (Nothing personal)!

  8. goodandcool goodandcool goodandcool goodandcool

  9. Get the fast build red power brick trust me it's usefull

  10. Wow, congrats on 1 million subs dude keep up the good work 😉

  11. What's your PSN account? Me and my brother want to add you. My brother's ID is ImmortalPotato12. If someone has a PS3 (Which I have), is it possible to add someone who has a PS4?

  12. +packattack04082 hey! congrats on your 1 million subcribes! 😄 i've been asking , a new video game will be realease on 24 march. That video game name is Hyrule Warriors Legend. If you know it, please play the game after it has been realease 😁. If you want to play..

  13. Paper Boy is in this Sweet! Kwife will be Happy

  14. Now I wanna see the character interactions, vehicle interactions, and everything else.

  15. 1 million sub special? Oh,I know! You show us a 100% playthrough of the level "Life of a Packattack"!

  16. The one in Aperture science isn't working for me? Any help of what to do?

  17. Is the unlocking of these machines necessary for 100%? Are they required for some kind of collectible?

  18. Do you know if you have to finish the level to collect the arcade game like the mini kits and gold bricks; or do you just got to unlock by reaching bronze level?

  19. So…, you have to buy more sets just to get all 20 barebones arcade ports? What crap! If you advertise "20 Arcade Classics" for the Midway set, they should all be included instead of spread out…

  20. The more I see of this game, the more I really want to buy it. It's so expensive though, this game looks like it would be a lot of fun to play. I hope I can get it one of these days

  21. Do each of those arcade machines get you minikits?


  23. Retro "Wreckage" Yeah I'm sensing someone at Lego is looking at Disney and saying "Hey Disney this is how you do a Wreck it Ralph Stage!" And Disney is going. "D'OH!!!"

  24. do you have to use wicked witch to unlock 720

  25. also do you have to use wonder woman to unlock klax to make the game work reply please to both of my comments

  26. Can you just play the arcade game and exit the level or do you have to save and quit the level to unlock the arcade game???

  27. Don't know why, but the medals always cover up some part of the score for me at the start. Anyone else know why this is?

  28. I feel like there's a big gap in-between "Go to Aperture Science" and "Find Test Chamber 91." I really don't want to run through the whole level a third time looking for it, so would someone please kindly spell out for me how I find Test Chamber 91? I can figure out the rest from there.

  29. Do you know what Midway/arcade games are included or unlocked in the year 2 content? I didn't see this when I was playing, but saw gameplay of someone playing the Lego Batman Movie, and it showed an arcade dock in the Batcave (though the person did not check it out). I assume this is found in the Lego Batman Movie hub world – though I only accessed the batcave in between story levels (ie. when playing through the interlude to get to the next chapter).

  30. Honestly this would be the only reason I owned Lego Dimensions. For the midway arcade games and nothing else.

  31. Lego Dimensions was really something. I know they're changing the Lego game formula with the upcoming Skywalker Saga, but I don't think anyone would complain if they made a follow up to Dimensions.

  32. Lego stranger things should include this but instead of the moving machine, they can only be accessed by gamer characters

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