Last to Leave Arcade Keeps All Prizes! -

Last to Leave Arcade Keeps All Prizes!

FaZe Rug
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We rented out an arcade and the last person to leave, keeps ALL prizes. Things got intense..
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  2. How she won the jackpot she did not win the monster jackpot. Kaylan.

  3. bro yall messed up anthony the game that kaelyn was playing and she won was not jackpot bro she cheated

  4. currently eating wingstop while watching

  5. Not Noah focusing on Anthony when kay hit the jackpot!! Kaelyn totally deserved it, she was too adorable…

  6. Woahhh Kaelyn looks sooo pretty at 11:45
    Idk what It is but she had me staring fr

  7. 20:20 Jessica acting like she the only one out there playing hard yet she lost 😂😂

  8. hi faze rug l I am a big fan. My cousin had to go to the hospital and she is a a big fan. Also I love you face rug.

  9. Faze rug I just want to let u know your so inspirational it’s a Friday and we don’t have school Monday like I’m chilling eatting a apizza po

  10. actualy when rug is elemenatat then it isnt fun anymore

  11. nah cuz I can't be the only one that thought Kaelyn missed the jackpot

  12. People who switched to a new video when rug got out

  13. Rug, as many people have been now kicked from faze clan recently example as Sway. Do you think you'll be kicked? or you will stay and continue youre journey?

  14. Hi Faze Rug I'm a biggest fan of a time every day I come home from school I get out my backpack and watch your videos

  15. Ummm Faze rug The subtitles that you put in is really off everyone’s voice or the editor

  16. Clint being the host every time is amazing

  17. Thank you guys if you’re in the Faze rug you win everything yesterday I won a Fortnite game by myself

  18. It was nice to see …. Win !🏆 ❤❤❤

    I ain’t spoiling anything

  19. Faze rug should visit the Stanley hotel

  20. Bro I’m not watching the vid anymore bc faze rug got out

  21. I wish that i could meet faze rug for even a split second but its never going to happen😭😭😭💔 he is literally my inspiration to be a content creator f i had 1 wish it was too see faze rug for a splet second i will take the worst punishments to meet him❤😭😭😭

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