Laser String HACK on Arcade Game! -

Laser String HACK on Arcade Game!

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Can you use a high powered laser to HACK balloon buster arcade game!?



  1. You need to burn the black piece. It absorbs more light, therefore more energy to melt it.

  2. Can I use a flamethrower for a better effect?

  3. Lmao then some one gets all the prizes out of his machine using a laser pointer lmao!

  4. What about burning off string in one of the string cutting games

  5. ummm
    yes it is, I've used a green one before. not gonna lie..

  6. Whatever HP laser hack will be useless if dummy prize objects and/or empty boxes are utilized. Plus there's always CCTVs so……

  7. You should burn the tiewrap around the prize, that's easy flammable

  8. Instead of going for the flame retardant string, go for the zip tie.

  9. What about the zip tie you could probably melt that with a high powered lazer

  10. How about a long pair of scissors?

  11. He owns the machine lol, he didn't use a high power laser…

  12. Brother, it is absolutely possible make another video using a 445 nm 1000mW laser

    GARAUNTEE it cuts every one. There’s no chemical that stops lasers.

    Red laser won’t cut red things. Etc, it absorbs the light.

    Use green, blue, or UV

  13. You used a red laser those are weak even at high power you gotta get one of the blue or purple ones at high power

  14. All you have to do is pop the balloon with the laser then go to the desk and say the game didn't pay out the prize and they will give you the prize.

  15. Um No wrong.
    Ultraviolet or Purple laser go Brrrrrrrrrrrr.
    1-2Watt should do it.

  16. Next time don't use the dollar store office pointer

  17. Why does this feel like the Rob Gavagan of arcade games?

  18. Wow!
    Lasers won't work?!
    These grifters know their stuff!

  19. Maybe a green laser can burn more, because green lasers are more dangerous than red, so green laser pointers are more powerful than red laser pointers. Green laser is around over 500 nm (nanometers), according to my research on Google.

  20. is it possible to cut the string using scissors

  21. It is possible to burn the string using your laser pointer. You just aren’t using a powerful enough laser
    There’s this guy with a YouTube channel I forget his name, white boy with crazy hair. He goes off about lasers and he can do everything with lasers.

  22. How about running at the machine with something with a very defined point, breaking the glass and taking all the prizes? (obviously joking)

  23. Well, could you burn the zip tie that is between the string and prize? Pretty sure it melts.

  24. There’s a few things wrong with this test. The laser isn’t very strong which you can see just by looking at the dot it leaves on the string and background, he’s using red on red so the material doesn’t absorb as much of the light emitted and a blue or green one would work much better. Now I still don’t think it would be a good idea to try through glass as it might reflect and it would be a bad idea to do at all with how bright it would be. It’s most definitely possible, but when a blinding light emits from the machine and singes some kid’s retinas, I doubt you’ll get to keep the prize afterwards and avoid potential jail time

  25. Yeah it dosent work with a cat toy but what about an actual high power laser where the light is a bit too uncontrolled due to how bright it is

  26. How about not trying to screw the small businessman just trying to put food on his family’s table by showing idiot millennials how to cheat at arcade games

  27. "not possible" for you laser maybe, but in any case the prize chute very likely has a mechanism that prevents this

  28. They are going to notice that the string is burned.

  29. It’s also cheating, and we like good clean fair wins here 😤

  30. I bet you an iPhone it is possible buy a blue laser which is stronger then that red dollar general laser your using and point it at the black zip tie because it burns faster and strong in black surfaces ( reason why you always see videos I’m with people popping black balloons in videos) and your will win 1000%

  31. Can you do it on a regular string cutting arcade game

  32. You don't burn the string, you burn that zip tie or any section of the box that is being held onto. I dropped an iphone pro from a machine because I burned the plastic that the string attaches too. It was at Kings Island.

  33. I've always wondered that but the strings idk the one down the road from me kooks like cheap aftermarket thread

  34. You can. You have to pointed at the black plastic that the string is attached to. I know this because I have done it.

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