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Kung Fu Panda Arcade Game Insane JACKPOT! – Arcade Games

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In this video I am playing the Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo arcade game. Will I wIn? Check this video out to find out!

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  1. Very nice. I tried this for the first time this week by the top left button thingy was kind of broken, had to hit it really had for it to recognize which messed me up a couple of times. A buddy of mine did try it out and he was able to get the jackpot that was 800 tickets at D&B.

  2. I went to DAve and Busters yesterday and this game was broken. 🙁

  3. Sounded like you were out of breath at the end there. Nice video 👍

  4. Awesome win, I cannot believe you caught all 34 dumplings with 0.1 seconds to spare. One time, I scored TWO jackpots in a row at my local arcade.

  5. Did it in 1 try in Florida last year, and 1 try last night. at Florida it was 100 e-tickets, last night 250 (although the machine had 500

  6. Mine is 35 in 20 sec.. guess mine is rigged af..

  7. I played this yesterday with 20 turns and won over 1000 tickets 🙂

  8. wait what we have that game in Dubai and In the bonus round I have to complete that in 10 secs and get 35 dumplings
    (i still beat it tho)

  9. Well I’m my local arcade the game is rigged and sometimes the button does not work or the 30 dumplings becomes a 33 34 or a 35 but that never stopped me and I still keep winning

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