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Kung Fu Master – 1984 Arcade game.avi

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Kung Fu Master – 1984 Arcade game.
Silvia has been saved two times, but kidnaped again 🙂


  1. Belleza yo siempre la rescataba dos veces y el tercer rescate el que la tenía secuestrada ya No lo podía matar el ese muy duro

  2. Nes version was ok but didn’t have all the fighters sound effects like the arcade

  3. When he dodged the knives . Why don’t they hit the villains ? 😂

  4. Th is s dosen't seem genuin. Is even someone playing this?!

  5. I loved this game but I didn’t remember there were Hobbit villains.

  6. Awesome game , i sure spent a lot of tokens in it , I am going to order it for the nes soon …👍👍👍👍

  7. After all this, Sylvia took him for half his money.

  8. recuerdo jugar tanto a ésto hacer como 7 dragones, pasar el millón…

  9. Is this the game one finger death punch is inspired from

  10. So that’s also where Kim’s famous shouts also come from outside of it just being a FOTNS reference.
    Just beautiful work Nishiyama

  11. This one was so much fun, I played endless Kung Fu at the laundromat as a kid.

  12. I remember me and 2 friends begging our mums for 10p so we could go to the local cafe/shop and play this. I was rubbish but one of my friends could get 3 dragons and was on the bloody thing for forever 🙂

  13. Wooda! That will always be my fly-kick noise.

  14. SALVIDEO Diversões Eletrônicas 👾🤠 says:


  15. It’s been years since I’ve seen this one. I don’t recall if I actually played though.

  16. Gosh!!!!! This game brings back so many wonderful memories!!! One of all times bestest games, along with Galaxy.. I would play it over & over!!! Same as Galaxy


  18. I've reached to the 4th dragon master, very hard.

  19. spent many of hours playing this back in the day,loved it

  20. Its so nice of them to invite you over to be entertained. 😁

  21. Wow is it just me or is the NES version of this game way better than the arcade version?

  22. Wow, that walk cycle is not flattering 💩

  23. I just recently realized this is the arcade version of Kung Fu on the NES which is one of my favorites. I found an arcade place in Chicago that has this cabinet and I’m excited to finally get a chance to play this!

  24. It's amazing that after 40 fricken years, these sounds are still familiar.

  25. This might be one of the only games where after you defeat the final boss you can still be killed.

  26. This game was also known in Japan as “Spartan X”.

  27. My best friend and I blew about $500 dollars on this game over the course of 2 years at the local 7-11

  28. Bloody hell I remember rinsing all my pocket money on this game on holiday at Weston-Super-Mare pier when was I was 9 😂

  29. Like how he pasted those Elvis impersonators in the pink shell suits at 0:12😂

  30. This game has such addicting sounds and music its like dopamine rush hearing it again

  31. Kung fu Master + Stickman fighter: epic battle = ???

  32. I was born in Seattle in 1973, where I grew up. Japanese-American. Male. I was in 6th grade, and watched older guys play this game. Even to this day, I can't STAND the noise when you get hit by a 2nd or 4th floor object! So loud! I thought the first floor guy looked like a mad school principal! My favorite to defeat was the third floor guy: Running jump kick (Wo-yah!!), kneel down, PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH (not kick kick kick, because punches did MUCH more damage to the 3rd floor foe), and knock him out!!

  33. 4:09 He GETS it! So many people would approach him, kneel down and kick kick kick, but getting that running jump kick (Wo-yah) in first, did damage, then kneel down and PUNCH PUNCH PUNCH, because punches did more damage than kicks!

  34. This cost me many weeks of pocket money 💰 when I a young teenager after school ….played @ my local swimming baths

  35. I remember working at London Gatwick airport when I first left school in 1985. This game was there and gauntlet. The sound takes me right back to the mid 80s

  36. this version was better than the nes version.

  37. Can you get this for an old ps1,? 😁

  38. So Sylvia keeps getting kidnapped?? I didn’t remember that. Probably because the game was hard!

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