Kim Justice's Top 100 Arcade Games of All Time -

Kim Justice’s Top 100 Arcade Games of All Time

Kim Justice
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At last, here’s my Top 100 Favourite Arcade Games of All Time – everything from the Golden Age, to 3D Classics, Sega Super Scalers, Big Names and Hidden Gems. Namco, Taito, Atari, Konami, Capcom…you name it. A celebration of the best of the arcades. Enjoy!

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0:00 Intro
01:33 #100-#91: Pit-Fighter to Mortal Kombat II
10:05 #90-#81: Virtua Fighter to Kung-Fu Master
18:50 #80-#71: Hang-On to Rolling Thunder
28:00 #70-#61: Robocop 2 to Vampire Savior 2
38:00 #60-#51: Time Pilot to Daytona USA

46:30 #50-#41: Sinistar to Chase H.Q.
57:50 #40-#31: Pac-Man to Street Fighter Alpha 3
1:08:30 #30-#21: Bomb Jack to Elevator Action Returns

1:19:00 The Top 20 Arcade Games of All Time
1:30:40 The Top 10 Arcade Games of All Time
1:44:30 The Best Arcade Game of All Time

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  1. ga-lager? what kind of pronunciation is that, surly it should come out more like Gallagher – like the Oasis twins!

  2. Nah……Mk really was a cheap gimmick that hid a lousy game. I thought so then and still do now.

  3. I didn't really grow up with arcade games. Granted, I was born in the early 90s and didn't really hit video game age until 1999. I spent my childhood on a military base in bumfuck nowhere North Dakota.

    I've since learned to really love pinball and classic arcade games. My current favorites are TMNT and 'Crusin.

  4. Hang on Kim you said Neo Turf Masters was the best on your old video!

  5. Sinistar's "I live" and "RUUUUN" are probably the scariest sounds ever! That and defender have to be the hardest games ever..

  6. Lol. You have a speech impediment more than just being British.

  7. In like half of the sentences you say, when the sentence comes to a pause ,via a comma or period, you squeak out the next word. How you talk is hilarious.

  8. Well, nobody says that here in the states. We hear "fuck off," but never "piss off."

  9. WOW…I feel so old 😂
    Good video,better day's and better games cheers mate👍

  10. And Kim's an RLM fan, impeccable taste 👌

  11. I didn't know that there were in fact two versions of the Aliens arcade game – release the files Konami 😠

  12. Thankfully Carrier Air Wing is part of Capcom's arcade collection, on the 2nd Era Pack.

  13. Shame ninja warriors, Karate Champ or spy hunter didn't make it. Living on the coast in the 80 & 90s has it's plus side.

  14. I always felt that heaven will be full of flashing screens and williams jingles.

  15. Can these games be downloaded to the PS4 or PS3?

  16. This is a fine video, as is just about everything on this channel…but I wish people would focus more on attempts at objectivity instead of personal lists. What any random person happened to have grown up with is not interesting at all. Comparing games in an objective way, taking into consideration both historical significance and how fun they still are today, is.

    Just like how nobody gives a crap about the story of the summer you spent in Italy with your grandmother, we just want the damn meatball recipe and to see how it stacks up against other meatballs. Nobody's here because we want your life story, we just like meatballs.

  17. One of my all time favorite Arcade games is Cadash, I try to play it at least once a year…

  18. Fun fact: Commando's main theme is a copy of the song Attack from the soundtrack of 1981 film Hundra.

  19. Thank you so much for flicky 🥰 watching this video to know this games name 🥰
    Where is KOF 😐

  20. i need to see which of these have endings, so that i can cover them on my show

  21. I still say the ZX Spectrum version of Bombjack is better than the arcade one. Out Run would be my number one of all time. I even played it for 30 hours in Yakuza 0.

  22. Metal Slug will always be #1 for me. But then you realize that you haven't even played 98% of the games on this phenomenal list.. What a video!

  23. Bro, I was at that same arcade in Benidorm! Pang was my top choice there too! When the footage came up, it was the first thing I thought of and then you said it!

  24. thank you for existing on youtube your videos are so good.

  25. never thought I would hear Venetian Snares getting mentioned in one of your videos

  26. 43 out of 100……thats a pretty crap list… joe and mac caveman ninja…..shadow dancer….bad dudes vs dragon ninja…..moonwalker…..theres a ton of great games missing 🤷‍♂️

  27. *GAL-UH-GUH* Galaga
    NOT GA-LAW-GUH shutters

  28. I hope that this is only your list sir because you missed so many good games like blood bros, captain commando, double dragon (neo-geo version), dungeons and dragons – shadow over mystara, king of dragons,top hunter, warriors of fate, snow bros, tumblepop, tmnt – turtles in time, wwf wrestlemania (midway version) and samurai shodown VI, which is the best arcade I've ever played. There are still more good games, which unfortunately I don't remember their names, but if you haven't tried these, maybe you should. I think that they should be on this list.

  29. The Sunset Riders speech sample always sounded to me like, "marry me with my money"

  30. I thought Elevator Action Returns was only released in arcades in Japan so I don't understand how that makes your top 100 arcade games you being from the United Kingdom unless you played it on MAME or a console

  31. Love to hear Kim talking really chills me out after a hard days graft

  32. Donkey Kong #86?! That's a top 5 easy. Then I see there's some wrestling game at #1 that I've never even heard of.

  33. My dad use to take me to a big sega arcade once a month despite not playing games himself. All he played was shooting gallery on a master system we had. One day we went with my uncle and upon looking in the new section of the arcade I saw my dad was playing one of the virtua cop games. From then on I could always convince him to play shooting games like time crisis or house of the dead.when at the bowling alley or in an arcade

  34. I love how whenever I watch your lists, even though we really disagree on a lot of games, you sell your reasoning very well. I totally get why you put what you put well.

    Though obviously a list like this will have some steep cuts, there are a few games I feel are sorely missing! At least for me, some of my favorites: Satan's Hollow. Tempest. Battle Zone. I Robot. Star Trek. Super Locomotive. Columns. Jackrabbit. Radiant Silvergun. Ikaruga. Fighting Vipers. Sonic the Fighters I could go on for literal ages lol

  35. watching this video while completing all the games I like on MAME lol. Just tried the Die Hard game, it's really fun.

  36. If you like "Crystal Castles" you should listen to "Crystal Castles" by "Crystal Castles". Check it out!

  37. A top 100 arcade list that includes objective garbage but doesn't include Samurai Shodown 2. I'd say you should be embarrassed, but European™.

  38. Brilliant memories 😉😉 when I'm in the UK I try to go to the arcade club in bury one of the biggest in Europe then I'm a kid again

  39. So when it comes to “bullet hell” shoot ‘em ups, there’s actually decently large portions of your ship that won’t take a hit from a seemingly direct shot? Here I see bullets pass through sprites that I’d assume instant death or damage! It must be all about the hit-boxes’ shapes. Do they usually (in the same game) stay the same? This really changes my thoughts on the genre, as fighting (vs or side scrolling), I demand accurate Pixel accurate hit-detection. But impossible bullet hells I just assume I’ll die in 10 seconds and skip most! Ninjas, Barbarians and Bare-Knuckle Vendettas need virtually every hit in a strict, outlined box to be locked-in so at least some damage is done, with penetrating a skull completely hurting worst, while a tap on the nose (allows envision your punch/kick/strike a relative 6” deeper; it fully affects follow through. aiming for a nose means you’ll have extended your full reach to only hit the tip of the nose 6” further-in in your mind, will travel 6” real inches further. Remember: thumbs outside not gripped, first 2 top knuckles hit pixels hardest in most every game).

    Time to give some schmups a retry!

  40. Sorry to say this to a Gamer from a Gamer but you miss so much Games!! KOF? SAMURAI SHODOWN? WONDER BOY III? FATAL FURY? ART OF FIGHTING? TOKI? SNOW BROS? MAGIC SWORD? and so so so so so much more!!! 👎🏻

  41. I used to complete robocop on 10p easy game really

  42. Well done Kim, I couldn't even name 100 Games, never mind put them in order and speak so eloquently about them!

  43. Amazing video, thank you for much for making it.
    I especially like the pick of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, I have never seen that on any list before.
    Hopefully the days of the arcades with these classics will return!

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