KILLIN' Z's at the EPIC Zombie Arcade!▐ Old School Arcade Games FTW! -

KILLIN’ Z’s at the EPIC Zombie Arcade!▐ Old School Arcade Games FTW!

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  1. mostly its about music ( G.E.M.A. GFY ) .. and the term Nazi zombies is not alloud in germany . we had to buy the uncut version of W@W in the uk or somewhere else becaus of the name Nazi zombie and swastikas

  2. Good news hyper and suly about that baby they have actually the tech to do it

  3. As long as you are not using Music in your videos, Youtube dosnt care about Nazi Zombies. So luckly no Problem in Germany 🙂

  4. Spider I am from germany. I don't care about "nazis" or something like that. That's 70 years ago. But I don't like that many People think we are nazis. But I, I don't care. I love you guys and your personality. Please don't change. YOU ARE GREAT!

  5. We dont have any problems with swastikas being shown in nazi zombies.. We hate nazis just like every other countries
    A little offensive is.. That in the german version for zombies the hakenkreuze (or swastikas) are replaced by the german reichsadler (the eagle)

  6. Hey guys just thought I'd let you guys know how much I enjoy you're vids. I've had a very serious injury that now I can't walk and watching youre vids has helped guys so thanks. Cheers guys

    Ps go get those undead flesh addict mother fuckers

  7. Hey im from germany i look your custom zombie video when ever i can but this nazi symbol isnt kind of a good history but there is no problem for me with the video i hope u understand what i write

  8. dl link for this version cant seem to find it

  9. I am german and don't give a shit if u use Nazi zombies

  10. Who wants to play zombies? waw name is cvbaan77. I am also working on my first map and could use any tips anyone has.

  11. Spidermole

  12. you don't remember this map spider?? you played a few years back. its sad i remember

  13. I can understand why they would be offended since its NAZI zombies but they need to get over it. Nazis and the other germans are totally different in their beliefs.

  14. In London most arcade games are in air ports and cinemas. Like racing games and shooters that's about it.

  15. ja! ich bin aus deutschland. but no it doesnt offend me lol

  16. I thought I had seen this map before and it suddenly hit me. Yoteslaer posted it a while back. God love him. 

  17. England is 10 times better then jock land! FACT!

  18. Bards Tale one of my all time favourite games out <(^-^)>

  19. The last time I've seen an arcade machine was back in 99

  20. In Reno there is a place called Beach Hut Deli. It has a HUGE arcade! It has gauntlet, Mario bros., and many more!

  21. im from germany i dont have a problem with it 😉

  22. I remember the majority of them arcade games 😀 Great video Spider

  23. Nostalgia moment when you realized they played V1 of this map, which reminds me of baseball stadium and the old maps :')

  24. Please play Zombies Ate My Neighbors. It's such a good game!

     Die rise, tranzit, buried ,moon, origin, shangri la etc 
    Not Maca or BRUTAL SAVAGE

  26. We have Arcadia Retrocade in Arkansas, $5 or $10 for unlimited free arcade games. It's radical.

  27. I Had recently played the tie fighter arcade game aat Dave and Buster's.

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