Kid Continuously Wins Claw Game -

Kid Continuously Wins Claw Game

Desmond Dennis
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Whether it’s unrealistic daily precision or a hidden player advantage; this kid is quickly becoming an urban legend amongst his friends within the local gaming community.

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  1. I got 4,000 in the big one I was going for the 100s and aparlently an employee hid the big price under that cause no one goes for the lowest-

  2. “𝒞𝒶𝓊𝓈ℯ 𝒽ℯ 𝓊𝓈𝓈𝒶𝓊𝓁𝓁𝓎 𝓁ℴ𝓈𝓉“ 😂

  3. The secret is actually not to grab the rings through the center, but around the outside circumference. The reason for this is that sometimes, the claw will try to drop the prize on the way back to the chute. When this happens, the claw power is active, but it’s very weak. By grabbing around the outside, if the claw opens at all to drop the prize, the claw is already open almost all the way,

  4. You are my favorite fan Siri. Why do you say yes

  5. Hi hi poop poop💩 poop 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

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  7. The ticket machines are a guarantee profit i was like £10 up from only £2 (in items) the problem is trying to find a buyer for you items

  8. Then thats means it will be a infinite loop

  9. Kayden playing the claw machine and his luck changing is similar to the baseball scene in Chicken Little. In Chicken Little, Chicken Little misses the baseball 2 times but at the third time he hit the baseball and won the game.

  10. That claw machine was made from smart Time industries!

  11. Kayden started a infinite money glitch at arcades 💀

  12. You need to make him use a spreadsheet and know the ticket to dollar ratio to figure if you’re winning or losing.

    It’s 300 tickets per $1 at Dave and Busters

    160 tickets $1 Round1

  13. Bro, drain the entire claw machine and got infinite tickets

  14. Bro, needs more tickets😂😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😅😅😅😅😮😮

  15. Video: because he got one of the hoops
    Me: SEES TWO

  16. Where can you trade tixkets for tokens?

  17. I want to go to the mall and the arcade that claw machine tickets

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