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In this video we get asked to leave by a jealous manager!!


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  1. "lets go, lets fricken go" he said it with 0 enthusiasm lol

  2. Weird to cut right before you grab your prize after you win.

  3. That's actually not company policy that's a made-up policy you can't make up your own policies for a claw machine if you're spending money on it you can actually sue him for a discrimination

  4. I don't blame the staff for doing this because some people get WAY TO GREEDY and want it all for themselfs

  5. That’s 🐂💩 making you leave. Why isn’t it posted?🙄

  6. I didn't see a sign that said when you win something you have to leave I would be suing their ass

  7. Thanks bud for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $13,000 every single week…

  8. What sort of dumb ass company policy bars you for winning just 500 dollars. This is about as real as my aunt fanny.

  9. That's stupid it's open for business anyone can win his friend well win imagr prize🎉😮💸💸

  10. Bruh wtf is wrong with people that's like you hitting the jackpot in casino then to have the owner be like no noo get outta here this stuff pisses me off you rightfully won that my friend you fuckin deserve it !!!!!!?

  11. You know if you ask them to show you were it says that in there store or company policie and it doesn't you can sue them.

  12. Why would he kick you out that’s so stupid

  13. They can’t kick u out for just win one prices then get out they can’t do that it’s against the law

  14. I think it's funny how the box got bigger when he pulled it from the bottom 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Mmmm love those staged vids. Another chanel to block

  16. About 15 years ago i was at the arcade with my brothers. I saw one like this with all sorts of prizes.. i said to my little bro, do you think you could fit in there? Sure enough he climbed in the trap door and passed all the prizes to us outside the machine. We helped him out and ran away with ALL the goods 😂 true story.. next time we went to the arcade the game had cameras watching it.

  17. Of course it’s staged! These things never work.
    Now, if it wasn’t and he really put a $100 in there, well kid. Don’t ever try slots. You’ll go bankrupt.

  18. I am curious about the legality of kicking people out for just winning doesn't seem right and fishy…

  19. Hahaha that's not no policy. If you win a prize no one says you can't keep playing

  20. I think the manager is selfish because i I think he’s the one who put the money in

  21. No arcade can make a customer leave for WINNING A PRIZE. You should have told him to go F#CK him self. The worse case scenario is they call the police which you explain that you are being removed from the premises for no legal just reason.

  22. Imagine if it was 100 dollar bills 😮

  23. This is his daddy’s store that’s why there is nobody else in there! Must be nice to be a spoiled little brat!

  24. That was his daddy that came over and “asked him to leave” that’s why they didn’t show his face…LAME AF!!!!

  25. "Common policy" and board of gaming commissions is two totally different things, honey and you'll find that out soon.

  26. I know this is old.. and most likely staged.

    But the issue here is, why yell when you win? You’re begging to be kicked out for it.

  27. ok let's be honest, people who actually do that, they literally have no brain cells

  28. Put it in your car. And then come back and let the cameraman play

  29. Honestly if I were making this vid I’d be suing the people who kick us out for winning something

  30. Hats. Off to that guy for being a lot cooler than everyone else and not taking your prize away. Trust me, I had my prize taken away before.

  31. Lol "security guard" patiently waiting in the background for his cue to show his acting skills

  32. Bad actor, I thought he was trying to pull a saul Goodman and making an alibi

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