Kevin Costner's Waterworld - A full imagining of the Waterworld arcade game seen in The Simpsons! -

Kevin Costner’s Waterworld – A full imagining of the Waterworld arcade game seen in The Simpsons!
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Download for free on A large scale real imagining of the ‘fake’ Waterworld arcade game that Milhouse plays during a 10 second joke in a 1997 episode of The Simpsons.

All the greatest and most memorable parts of the movie are recreated here in Simpsons videogame form!

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  1. This explains why Bart stole Homers jar of change

  2. Hahaha! Love it, even putting tons of quarters in the machine 🤣

  3. Macaw learned so much about game development from all those Taiwanese action RPGs

  4. Alternative title: Simpsons: Shadows die Twice

    Don’t get it? Look up hardest from software game ever.

  5. This is even more entertaining than the actual movie…

  6. I've never met somebody who beat this game on the 20 Dollar Clear. Childhood me is in awe.

  7. More accurate to the movie then any game LJN ever made.

  8. I love these faithful recreations of games. This really works well, a testament to the devs' abilities to create games. Excellent job!

  9. All jokes aside, this would have been one of the better arcade games of the era. Not worth the 80 quarters which would (adjusted for inflation) be roughly 2 million dollars in today's money, but still good.

  10. Really feels like you're playing as Milhouse

  11. After GTA 6 … Rockstar should develop this as an open world game.
    I want to have webbed feet, gills and sail around looking for dirt and paper.

  12. Thought that the game makes you pay every single step as the original episode xD

  13. My 8 year old me would have gone crazy if this was available back then

  14. This reminds me of the terminator 2 video game

  15. a company called Interplay made a Waterworld game, they ended up trying and failing to give the game away inside pc bundles cause it was so shite

  16. meh, still better than the Last of Us Part 2.

  17. Water, water, every where, but not a drop to drink.

    Mariner hangs around trading post but eventually must press on.
    Even becoming air born for a brief foray above this endless sea.
    Fraught with peril at every turn his only hope is to decipher the rare clues along his journey.

    Inexperienced players might not get a single step before dreaded “ game over “ prompt and required reload.

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