Karthik’s 10th birthday family celebration! | Arcade games 🕹️ | K vs P CLUB - jadeusgames.com

Karthik’s 10th birthday family celebration! | Arcade games 🕹️ | K vs P CLUB

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Hey guys! Sorry for not posting in a long time. This video was filmed on March 15th, but posted in May. We were very busy with school but we now we’re on school holidays so we are able to post more frequently! Anyways, today we are celebrating Karthik’s 10th birthday! We went to an arcade and had so much fun! Hope you enjoy this video as much as we had fun filming it!

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Fun facts about Poojitha and Karthik:
◦ Poojitha is 14 years old and Karthik is 10 years old.
◦ We used to have another channel channel called STEM FOR TOTS (linked below).
◦ We both speak two languages, Telugu and English and we are learning how to speak Spanish.

Have Fun Watching our videos!

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