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Jurassic Park arcade 2 player 60fps

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Gameplay starts at 00:36. Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2.


  1. many a fond memory of playing this after getting my hair cut at the arcade next to the barbershop in the early 2000s.

  2. In that moment, that was AMAZING in ARCADE machines, playing on the big screen and with plastic guns.
    Nice times x33

  3. Sigo sin poder creer que solo pese 9 MB se veía más pesado

  4. Such iconic locations from the Jurassic park such as the VOLCANIC LAVA FEILDS and THE UNDERGROUND FOREST

  5. Amo este juego pero no puedo tenerlo, es solo de arcade 😢

  6. Tat rex used to scare the crap out of me but I was to imbarresed to tell my brother so I kept playing it at chuck e cheese

  7. Man I love these arcade game as kid, heck as a grown man now i still play them from time to time and have funer then the kid who plays it next

  8. This game actually scared the piss outta me and my cousin as a kid. LOL

  9. I remember this game! 😂😂 It was the best game in chuckecheese!

  10. I remember a game where 2 children had to escape from trex on a boat, down a river, does anybody remember the name of that game?

  11. You know, the fact that it's an arcade game aside, do you think a no damage run could even be possible? Health bar based arcade games have a penchant for being pretty damn unfair, but I'm sure if you knew the game well enough, it could be possible. Right?

  12. Ah yes the old designs of the arcade games brings so much good memories.

  13. I like how the Triceratops herd turn around right before you enter an area with a large amount of carnivores (dilophosaurus) after chasing you through a forest and large body of water.

  14. I played this at Chuck E Cheeses when I was a kid. I've only ever beaten it three times. One time alone, and the other 2 were with my parents. One of my favorite arcade games.

  15. I bet the creators are pretty proud of their selves doing this game

  16. I really had fun watching your Jurassic Park Arcade gameplay eternally and watching this just gave me an idea for a short story that I may or may not write now. Thank you.

  17. This game's music really puts you on alert lol

  18. Dude, I remembered playing that at Festival Mall right before me & my parents watched Jurassic World… 👀👀👀

  19. used to play this with my dad all the time at the local chuck e cheese, life was simpler back then

  20. I always thought it was creepy how the dilophosaurs kept twitching and squirming on the ground when you tranq'd them when the others just kinda disappeared or something.

  21. Quite good of this SEGA Arcade Game 30 years later.

  22. It's interesting how titanic those brachis are.

  23. 0:40 I know the Vlogs about Chuck e Cheese and Magic planet! With arcade, I play Jurassic park arcade!! So I won the game!

  24. Man, thing looks like it’s running on the Genesis

  25. Nostalgic! I play this in shopping center.

  26. I have to save the dinosaurs There are Jurassic lessons.

  27. How is the jeep driving on the logs floating over magma?

  28. I remember beating this with a friend we used up all our coins even needed a few coins from a random kid to see the ending. This arcade game was amazing with the seats rumbling .

  29. That's such a cute reference with the sneeze part.

  30. I don't remember any active volcanos on Jurassic Park LOL unless of course the raptors were so hungry they followed them down towards the earths center

  31. I was always way too terrified to even try to play this game as a kid and just watched others try to beat it and let them have my tokens to continue

  32. Best childhood game!! Memories from JP3!!! Played this in 2000 and prob last time as 11yo in 2002!

  33. It would be a miracle if they put this on the Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection

  34. Anyone know how to get this running on the steamdeck?

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