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Journey 1983 Bally Midway Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Journey 1983 Bally Midway. Endless game.

For copyright reasons at 04:10 and 08:25 the audio has been removed.
The removed portion contains music by Journey – Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) (C) 1983 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

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  1. The game is just as simplistic as their music. What a coincidence!

  2. Canadian Bear Hugger providing security at the concert

  3. Love it ! Chuck E Cheese/Banjo's Bloomfield CT had this back in the day

  4. Battle obstacles to retrieve instruments, all for the goal of–a silent concert!

  5. The concert scene at 04:30 why does it look like the audience is wanting to beat the band up?

  6. Why is it we hear Journey tunes on each level, but during the big concert there is no sound?

  7. I never understood the concept behind this.

  8. Wow this brings back memories! I remember seeing this game in the lobby of a movie theater when I was 19 back in 1985. Frontiers had only been released 2 years earlier and both Journey and the album were among the most popular in music. Still even back then it was kind of a cheesy game.

  9. Back when there were new rock bands, and those same rock bands influenced pop culture and the mainstream.

  10. I can't seem to emulate this on the Internet Archive's arcade. Is this an anti-piracy measure?

  11. Im sorry but ya this is not a good game,just terrible wow

  12. it's basically like the Tron arcade game, except being about a band, and completely missing the point. ; – )

  13. The digitized bandmembers reminds me of the main characters in the SNES version of Waynes World. Ahead of it´s time to use digitized characters back in 83, though!

  14. During the stage performance, Don't Stop Believin' is supposed to play from a tape inside the machine. The proper emulation of this game should play it from a digital audio file, a mono WAV.

    This game came about as a result of the Data Age Journey Escape game for the Atari 2600.

  15. Best "rock videogame" ever, maybe because it is the only one.. Faces of the characters are fantastic!!

  16. I remember when this came out, when I was a smol. I remember thinking "this is the stupidest video game ever made". And it was.

  17. this looks like a parody of a real game especially with their faces photochopped to their computer bodies.

  18. if i remember correctly, the bonus round played an actual song by journey (the part where the bouncer protects the band…)

  19. WOW I have not seen this like in 32 years. Time sure flies!

  20. Wow, that keyboard ist is not that way. Like the game though
    A. A.

  21. This would be sick if it was a Beatles yellow submarine themed game , because then there would at least be good music too

  22. What an awful game, even for that time period. I remember passing it by many times.

  23. journey is my favorite band of all time and always will be but this game is absolutely horrendous

  24. Childhood memories. A video game staple on the TV show Starcade

  25. Recuerdo cuando era un niño y por este videojuego me aprendí las canciones the Journey y me gustó mucho el grupo hasta el día de hoy.


  27. 1:57 Reminds me of the stupid low "jump" in the Atari VCS "Donkey Kong"

  28. Pretty sh!t that it has no sound to replace the tape

  29. I'm kind of depressed I know what game that sound effect at the beginning comes from.

  30. The members of journey couldn't just buy instruments to replace the ones they lost? So when i was a kid in the 80s I didn't know who Journey was and this game baffled the hell out of me but I'd stand there and watch (usually adults) play it. I rarely saw kids my age play it. Back then you didn't have SoundHound or cell phones or internet. You had to be lucky enough to see the info somehow else or follow music which I didn't

  31. Can anyone name all of the Journey songs in this game?

  32. funny that shitty 8 bit video game music got flagged for copyright

  33. Something tells me that everyone involved doesn't exactly jump at the chance to show this on their resumes.

  34. A big part of the fun was trying to figure out what the songs were!

  35. Ironic that the only non-'Escape song here was 'Wheel in the Sky', which Steve Smith did not originally play drums on.

  36. I’d like to open my own arcade someday, while also making it as disabled friendly as possible! A lot of the games would be Jamma titles in Astro City and Egret cabinets, but I’d also like to offer some deep cuts in gaming, including this!
    How can the cabinet be made so someone in a wheelchair or mobility scooter can play it? Can the cassette player in the cabinet be replaced by an MP3 player? Cheers.

  37. They must have a lot on their minds. They sure have big heads! Classic game. And by the way, Journey will be playing tonight on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve in Times Square ! I hope you all enjoy the show and Happy New Year everyone! Don't Stop Believing!

  38. My cousin (from Texas) had the arcade cabinet for this game in his house. I was not quite 6 years old when I tried playing it, having very little gaming experience up to that point. I couldn't beat a single level.

  39. I actually ayed this game in 1983 along with track and field.

  40. Wow! Who is the deaf person who thought your opening sound was a good idea?

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