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JALECO Arcade & Classic Games

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Jaleco fue fundada como Japan Leisure Corporation (Corporación de Ocio Japonés) el 3 de octubre de 1974. Jaleco era una compañía de videojuegos cuyo objetivo residía en títulos arcade, aunque también desarrolló y distribuyó títulos para consolas, y también para ordenadores.

En esta Compilación veremos los juegos ARCADE y sus clásicos de JALECO, todos sus éxitos, así como también juegos bastantes desconocidos que se han quedado en el olvido con el paso del tiempo, lo cual convierte este vídeo con una finalidad de alto valor educativo y preservación del videojuego.


  1. Now that Evercade has arcade collections coming in November, that should mean they'll release a Jaleco arcade collection some day. Hopefully, it'll include enough good ones to be worth looking into.

  2. JALECO, the king of music copyrights violations.

  3. The game reminds me of my childhood

  4. 16:52 探していたサッカーゲームの動画を発見しました。ありがとうございました😊😊

  5. 34:07 これまた見た事がないサッカーゲーム🕹🎮🕹🎮🕹

  6. 36:02 またこれ見た事がないサッカーゲーム🕹🎮🕹🎮


  8. De que juego es la música que utilizaste en la intro del video?? muy épica!!!!

  9. 40:16 "Tuff E Nuff"? i've got this game for SNES and it's called "Dead Dance".

  10. i love seeing all these games …they are great…thanks..jaleco great arcade company..

  11. Bases Loaded on the NES was one of the best baseball games made for that system. Played the heck out of it.

  12. what the name of rishing beat shura (the peace keeepers ) on famicom ?

  13. JALECO – хотя и была среди японских игровых производителей отнюдь не на первых ролях, но она умудрилась проработать порядка двух десятков лет и произвести довольно много игр, часть из которых мне сильно запомнились и даже полюбились – прежде всего "The Astyanax" и его я, между прочим, в отличии от массы других русских игроков 1990ых впервые встретился – не на Денди, а именно в показанном варианте – для игрового автомата… было приятно увидеть массу игр этой кузницы JALECO – часть из которого я встречал и знал, часть встречал, но никак не представлял, что это JALECO (Не знал до этого видео, что они выпустили столько бейсбола и футбола…), а часть никогда не знал, но было приятно увидеть, ну и часть просто для более полного списка. Спасибо за видео!

  14. 36:15 big striker was then reprogrammed/bootlegged by Milan-based company playmark and became BEST LEAGUE. First ever arcade soccer game dedicated to Serie A with Juventus, Torino, Roma, Milan, Internazionale, Sampdoria, Fiorentina and Napoli. However controls were really horrible, and Many preferred the good old Euro League (Tecmo World Cup bootleg)

  15. Fantastep was a game released for the Sega Saturn and PS1 in 1997 for Japan Only.

  16. Wow, Jaleco games are junk. For the most part.

  17. Shatterhand é Incrível e adoro a trilogia Rushing Beat… Além de achar Cybattler e Dead Dance interessantes! Ótimo Vídeo!

  18. City Connection (Arcade 1985) el mejor de los mejores

  19. Peace keepers is my favorite of all time. I feel sorry for those who haven’t played it.

  20. if you mentioned it and i didnt notice then i spaced out, but Robowarrior for the nes was made by Jaleco and in my opinion was the 2nd best nes game ever made, the 1st being Dragon Spirit the new legend

  21. Super bases loaded 3 is the BEST baseball ⚾️ video game EVER I used to rent it from blockbuster ALL THE TIME some fire 🔥 lineups I played as the A’s and the Indians

  22. As you may have seen, ACG (Ashby Computer Graphics) had a hand in developing some of Jaleco's offerings. They are known today as Rare.

  23. So it seems like their MO was to make a bunch of respectable clones of much better games.

  24. 11:06 – Momoko 120% Es la Original Arcade y Urusei Yatsura de la Famicon es una Adaptación del juego Arcade de Momoko 120%, por cierto los Temas de esté juego son de Urusei Yatsura.

  25. Nintendo needs to put the firemen on their snes catalog not these awful jaleco games… I know I'll get backlash but that's my honest opinion… very few good games… if any

  26. those much more fun than the realistic games we have nowdays.

  27. So JALECO stands for Japan Leisure Company……..Groovy!!!!!

  28. Jaleco was a true b-list developer. Most of the games are pretty forgettable compared with the stuff Capcom & Konami put out in the same period. Still sad to see them gone.

  29. Atari had Breakout…Jaleco had Break-In!

  30. siempre me jodio el supernintendo todos los juegos copias de los arcade y pa consh. con ediciones y modificaciones vayanse al culo

  31. nes snes amiga amstrad atari PIECE OF CRAP….. ARCADE NICE

  32. Rival Turf, and more are from them. Wondered why they shut down.

  33. Jaleco was the Video Game Company in it is established since in 1974.

    There was no Katehimo around to the everything has made by themselves.

    Even though…..

    The Jaleco was defunct for since In 2014.

    And even though…..

    The Company itself for Katehimo was published for since in January,5,2016, and now, it was in a 7 years ago.

  34. 15:19 Ah! Psychic 5! ❤️
    A wonderful game memory from my childhood! 😍
    The gameplay and extraordinary soundtrack, made this game a true gem. 🎶❤️🎵
    I hope the remake this year (2023) lives up to the original.

  35. I'm a little bit disappointed that neither Arm Champs nor its sequel were featured in this showcase. Jaleco made both of them and I remember seeing an actual Arm Champs II machine in one of my local arcades.

  36. Hola yo ando buscando un juego antiguo que se me olvidó el nombre el cual tiene 5 niveles y el último es un mostró llamado Hao y al final sale una pareja en moto ,a el guerrero sale en una moto ase una bomba y la lanza contra puerta y ahy salen los guardias ,existe brujas ,rojas ,negras y blancas ,si pudieran ayudarme a encontrarlo les agradeseria .Me encantan estos juegos ya olvidados .

  37. Junk Games, but what awesome junk. With a unique charm, all their own.

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