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Claw Craziness
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Claw machine time! Today we go to a bowling alley and find a claw machine with a really messed up claw… Will I win? Watch to find out.

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  1. I think I'll spare you 13 minutes he just plays one claw machine and it's just Christmas product

  2. Did you say you were going to leave some of the plush because you didnt want to take them all?

  3. you should try the patrick claw machine from spongebob also great wins

  4. That was a fantastic claw machine. Guess xmas came early this year lol

  5. I want to see you in one of your videos live but l live in Erie

  6. I seriously thought claw craziness was young (20-25 years old)

  7. I will keep on playing that claw machine as well..

  8. That Santa is so fat you should call him Carson Claus.


  9. You know he got money if he put a 5 dollar bill in a machine that could potentially not work lol!!

    Please give money!!😂😂

  10. Great video! check my channel for claw machine addict:)

  11. Lmao that first one that y'all played was so funny man y'all are so funny keep up the vids later

  12. I wish all claw machine were like that where it's complete skill and no dumb payout

  13. I love it when you let the camera man play (sorry I forgot his name) he deserves it for all he does for you guys

  14. Why would you leave the prizes in front of the machine? The employees would just put them back in.

  15. Claw Craziness show us your home is this full of animals ?

  16. Sup cool vid you are so good at claw machines

  17. I like seeing Mr. Donner play too! He is the camera man but I'd like to hang out with him! He's awesome!

  18. Aaron must have played that mystery cup claw…

  19. You should sign your name on every dollar so the vender knows it's you😋

  20. let me know if you sell the bunny in the stocking, I love it!!

  21. What do you do with the things that you win?

  22. I've always been fascinated by claw machines. Best channel ever, you guys rock!

  23. Maybe someday I️ can be as cool as Mr. Donner

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