It Took Me 15 Years To WIN This Arcade Game! #shorts -

It Took Me 15 Years To WIN This Arcade Game! #shorts

Mystery Matt
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I FINALLY won a prize from this Movie Stop arcade game, which took me 15 years to win!

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  1. After 15 years you should read the instructions from this arcade thing

  2. My friend said that this machine doesn't exist for 15 years, but it exists less years

  3. Did you film it every time for 15 years? you know just in case

  4. Dude old enough to shave but still dressing like Dennis the menace, so you been pissing away money on this nonsense for years now you can finally play for two more hours, brilliant life achievement, your dunce cap is in the mail Dennis.

  5. You all probably know but the light changes speed at the Green making it much harder

  6. There's a trick to those spinny like games I win them every single time I play them you have to hit the button on the second or third life before the green one and it jumps right to it because you have to use the game's rigged vs against it to win

  7. Similar machine counts casted votes – all integrity as you know.

  8. You can tell the about the quality of the arcade by looking at the prices in the machine. Look like that 2 hours free play was only good thing in there

  9. 15 years? It would take me minutes to win something on it

  10. 1000 dollars for 2 hours in an arcade. Yea seems legit

  11. bro you know these arcade ganes all are rigged? no wonder it took 15 years

  12. 15 years? How stupid are you? 3 days you would have done it by accident.

  13. When your prize at the arcade is to play more arcade you know you’ve been ripped off.

  14. Freaking Jerry Lewis wasted 15 years of 🤣

  15. Damn you must of been 1 years old when you played

  16. I am gas at these. I win these like all the time, always been my one weird skill at arcades lmao.

  17. Why ?????????? Is this normal ???????????

  18. You do realise it’s rigged right? The owners can choose when they win

  19. I won a movie once at a hinckle family fun center in albuquerque. It was MI3, it was a good movie.

  20. Judging by how it finally stopped, it's rigged lol

  21. Bro when I won this when u was like 8 I got the rio DVD -_-

  22. Its rigged. It will intentionally miss the green light until enough money has been put in the machine. Its usually set to either $200 or $500 required before it lets you stop on the green. The owner can set it to either amount so if you dont get it on the first couple tries then wait a couple hours

  23. Oh my God I have not seen that arcade game in so long I completely forgot it existed

  24. Advertising scams for kids. This guy's a real winner. 🙄

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