Is this the Next Big Thing in Arcade Gaming? -

Is this the Next Big Thing in Arcade Gaming?

Retro Ralph
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In this video, we’re going to take a look at the Exa-Arcadia platform. This is the closest thing I have been able to find that resembles the SNK Neo Geo Arcade Machine.

exA-Arcadia is a state of the art cartridge based arcade video game system available in both as a dedicated upright cabinet and as a conversion kit for existing arcade cabinets.

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  1. Very Cool. Awesome that SNK also allowed Samurai Showdown

  2. All the blackspace around the monitor looks goofy AF.

  3. Hey Retro Ralph, I'm not sure if you were aware of this since you aren't on the business side of arcades. You didn't mention this in your video, but many Japanese Arcade manufacturers actually force Japanese Arcades into "revenue sharing" agreements in order to gain access to buy modern arcade games.

    It's a system where the manufacturer gets a portion of the profit from the Arcade machines, and the arcade owner also must agree to leave the machine connected to the internet so the manufacturer can monitor how much money it earns, and also in order for the game to function.

    This is basically a subscription system. The arcade manufactuerers have been doing this for a long while in order to get more money and profit.

    The cost of new Japanese arcade machines are often starting at $10,000+ per machine (and sometimes going to $15K or $20K for more popular titles) . The high cost is really hurting "Mom & Pop" and Independently owned Japanese arcades.

    What makes Exa Arcadia very appealing to arcade owners is that its a low cost solution (around $4K to $5K for an Exa arcadia machine). AND It's a stand alone machine (no internet required).

    -No revenue sharing.
    -No internet connection needed.
    -Much more affordable cost to purchase for businesses.

    In the Asian markets they've been testing this Exa Arcadia machine, it's actually been doing very well.

    Just thought I'd share this info with you.

  4. The screen flip feature is interesting. I’ve only seen that on the Taito Egret 2 Mini.

  5. Would be cool if they had an expansion rotisserie add on to keep adding additional bays as new games are released and can all be connected … or Atleast expand the amount of menu titles beyond the current connective level

  6. I wondered why a new multi-game cabinet never came out after the Neo Geo. The Atomiswave was supposed to replace the Neo-Geo. But it only had one cartridge slot. I do hope this is successful, I do want to see arcades come out again with grown up titles instead of stupid kiddy games.

  7. The guy throwing arcades off the roof needs his entire azz BEAT

  8. What I find comical and grim at the same time is they are now porting home console and PC titles. Kind of lame and lazy to be honest.

  9. With how easy it is to play these arcades games with emulators like Ambernic and Pandora box, these Arcade places will eventually die off. Other than Arcade Museums, there won't be enough people going to these Arcade places where it's still dying a slow death. These new arcade will not be enough to bring these business back to life.

  10. I've worked arcades as a tech over some 25 years. First one being Chuck E Cheese back in the mid 90s, and we had a Neo Geo 6 slot machine, and a dedicated Samurai Showdown 2 white cab.I've worked for namco, FEG/Great Wolf Lodge, Gameworks, etc. I have some friend with Neo Geo cabs, 2, 4 and 6 slots. This EXA seems to be a perfect solution to the ever changing arcade market. I own over 20 machines myself that are just in my house. The Neo seemed to last the longest in arcades. It's such a simple thing, but most cabinets today focus on bells and whistles, and gameplay/fun is almost optional.

  11. Hey Ralph, how much are the little carts that go with it? Also does it come with a cart as the neo geo came with a game I am just wondering if they are following the same footprint.

  12. When I seen this is not technically a home arcade it broke my heart with the price point, But I’m assuming this will open doors for people who want a version of this in their man cave or game room. I hate nobody is pushing Arcade 1up to be better.

  13. Exxa is an interesting way to bring indie titles like Donut Dodo to a wider audience beyond Steam and Consoles. Would probably be a great platform for Dark Presence;-)

  14. i wish they would make 4:3 LCDs.. those 16:9 arcade monitors just look tacky to me.

  15. This looks really nice. Better than the pedastool-style cabinets I played back in 2021. Looking at the coin door, I hope they add the ability to install a bill validator or card reader. I think they should put under/over coin doors instead of a single.

  16. king of fighters 98 on here would be amazing

  17. That was a genius idea SNK had with their MVS, pretty much all the games were classics too which also helped

  18. No way, looks like a mess! Mamecades are lame

  19. Sadly I'll hardly see any of those games here in Brazil unless they get ported or something. Really wanted to play some of those fighting games.

  20. I bought a damaged/non working Neogeo MVSX for 30 Euros and hardmodded it with a Rasberry Pi4 with Retropie
    Its totally awesome and actually "supercheap" – since the MVSX is actually really good built for "Repairs"

    The Pi 4B can even handle Dreamcast Platforms (NAOMI/Atomiswave)

  21. What's the game with all the boobs in it

  22. I think the exA-Arcadia would be a lot more popular if:
    A) The price was more accesible. (2,660 USD for the system + 1,600 USD for each game is WAAAAAY too steep.)
    B) If the repair policy wasn't so archaic and anti-consumer. (Mark MSX from The Electric Underground just made a video talking about this.)
    As it stands, the exA-Arcadia is pretty much exclusive to Arcade Center owners and PCB collectors.

  23. This thing is expensive and defintely not for the home user. And so are the games. At those prices, you better be a Dave and Busters in order to make money back on these. Still cool to see though.

  24. I have to correct you a little bit I work in arcades through the late eighties nineties Most arcades didn't own the cabinets and there arcade They were least from arcade to play companies Very very few arcades owned their cabinets

  25. Will people leave their house to play in a pizza parlor or C-store when they play online? I haven't seen an arcade games except in rest stops. Arcades have all vanished.

  26. 10 20 30 40 50 hundred thousand 😂 they could of brought a mansion

  27. I still think that the 4 slot concept is a mistake and they should have taken the route Nesica did where they made their whole library available instead of barring it to whatever the operator thinks is profitable.

    I could just see myself running into problems when I finally manage to actually find a cab, only I can't play some of the titles I was anticipating…. like Metro City 2 being a big example.

  28. I saw one of these in the wild today. I was like, "huh, what is this?" I felt the time it took to change between games was a little long. It was like I was waiting for a completely new game to boot up, which that may have been the case, but there was no list to see what games were installed so I didn't stick around to hit the big button that changed game again.

  29. Shame on them for having adult games …How perverted do you have to be ?!

  30. This is a dream come true for a game room in my house. Beautiful video good sir, subbed!!

  31. theres an SNK Neo Geo arcade1up already

  32. So nice to see the arcade experience coming back!! I love the experience it gave me as a kid. You better believe I will be hitting my local arcade coin up if it opens up!!

  33. The prices are through the roof. I have a few machines out there and there’s no way I could make my money back on those. Considered im not in super high traffic spots but it’s still insanely high.

  34. There is no logical reason for all arcade cabinets not being cartridge based and there never has been.

  35. Not sure about the point of physical cartridges anymore, beyond the collection/nostalgia aspect (which shouldn’t apply much to arcade operators, but who knows). At least these are small (looking at you, CPS2 giant @ss carts 😂).
    Make that an online service, with downloadable exclusive titles and you’d remove a lot of friction. Game not selling? Dl and install a new one (well, now I see why a publisher wouldn’t want that ahah). For 2d games you don’t even need a PC, something like a MISter should probably be enough… 😅

  36. Exciting ! Thanks for the video. I hope we will see that in Europe one day . Congrats for your job

  37. this video has too much of your face in it, and too little of the actual cabinet. think about it….

  38. This has got to be the worst purchase for any home arcade enthusiast. $5k price tag for a games selection this isn't developed by a known AAA studio. Also Neo Geo did this exact model multigame model 33 years ago.

  39. I'd say this is for douchebag collectard idiots with too much money on their hands, thinly disguised as being for operators.

  40. seeing that Afterburner being dumped made me feel sick. Seeing it dumped onto the remains of some pinballs made me worse!

  41. It's not a platform you s|-| i |_ |_. It's PC with extra DRM. There's literally nothing special about it. It's a ridiculously underpowered PC.

    And no, it's not for arcade operators. It's a scam to try to get HOME arcade enthusiast consumers to spend over a grand on simple 2D games.

  42. american style sticks… i didnt know they still made those, or cabinet is 40 years old

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