Is The Player 2 Side Really Easier? | Mortal Kombat II Arcade -

Is The Player 2 Side Really Easier? | Mortal Kombat II Arcade

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  1. i feel that liu kang, kitana, raiden and jhonny cage are the hardest.Mileena trolls when she jumpsBaraka uses bad his blades if you jump to him being far away, also spams too muchJax and Kung Lao eat easily fly kicksNinjas tend to spam too much and get vulnerableShang Tsung i always beat him easily not sure why.

  2. I've been trying to find better ways of beating the ai without relying on the usual exploits.

  3. I did this on the sega genesis version of mk2 and surprisingly, I used significantly less continues I selected the max amount of continues which was 30, I had 20 continues when I got to Shao kahn, I beat the regular CPUs with Johnny Cage, and beat Kintaro and Shao Kahn with Scorpion

  4. I wonder if the ai is an older version and they forgot to update it. No idea why 1p and 2p would even have the ability to have different ai per side

  5. the bosses certainly have different ai routines when you play as 2p.

  6. This is something that I learned with the original arcade version all the way back in the 1990’s. It seems like it’s far easier playing from the player two side – they can’t input read at all, and you can basically just jump kick the CPU to death.

  7. Fatal fury 2 has the same ai problem with unfair bs

  8. I beat Kintaro with 2 flawless victories on a fluke. I wish the trophies saved

  9. I wish somebody would do a deep-dive interview with Ed Boon regarding the insane AI programming he did.

  10. Like the Katana Air combo you’re doing . Another KAG video

  11. I'm from Holland. And was addicted to Mortal Kombat II as a child. From arcade to arcade. But here everyone played with player 2 from the beginning when these games came out. I don't know any better.

  12. I always thought that Mileena and Liu Kang was harder to beat

  13. Love you would uppercut them it would go right threw them all the time then they can uppercut you or just throw you with know end in sight 😂 😂

  14. mk1 was too easy, simple tricks that could be used with every character allowed you to complete the game on the most difficult setting, easily. There were moves applicable to all characters including, sweep, throw and uppercut. these three moves could be used to walk through the game. MK2 ai eliminated this, you can see when you try and sweep the cpu after the third fight it just throws you, its to stop you sweeping your way through the game. the ai is annoying because after the third fight using sweeps is almost impossible but this ai is years old and i see why they did it, annoying but in constitution with game development at the time. That why combos came in in the third one to force you to fight using varied moves. mk2 was awesome it was one of the best games ever i finished it once with sub zero on 5 kontinues but could reach kintaro with all characters

  15. Raiden is good for the 2 player side too

  16. You are really really good ! Way way above average :D(response to your comment 19:00)

  17. Did you know you can do milenas sucking fatality in several ways? Hold HK, release, block block block block HK, block hk block hk really fast. IN the snes version there was like 7 different ways to do milena's fatality

  18. Yet you are proving that, if you know the game well and you practice enough your character, you can pull out a good match. I guess that would have cost a fortune in quarters, though.

  19. AWESOME Video man!!, I love this game but like most people who has played it I have difficulty's with it.

  20. Known this since 1993. Kept telling others it was easier on P2 side, since the A.I macro's behave differently.

  21. The greatest moment in my life just happened! I finally beat MK2! Nearly 30 years of pain and anguish GONE! Thank you KAG for your tips on Baraka and Kitana. It took many continues, but, that moment….So SWEET!(yeah I did spam the Raiden Torpedo on Shao Kahn), but, if it wasn’t for your videos I would still be pulling hair out! Thank you soooo much!

  22. I always lose on stage 3 or 4 on there lol

  23. On VERY HARD you are cheated so much that some times you will get delayed with fractions of seconds so that you can't hit the opponent like when he jumps at you and you uppercut him.

  24. It was easier on Player 2. I made it to 4 wins instead of usual 3 wins. Lol.

  25. Super street fighter 2 turbo or “super turbo” makes this A.I. Look easy. Great video by the way. I have this on the ps3 as the mortal kombat arcade collection and your Baraka video helped me beat the game for the first time. But like you I altered the method, much as you altered the method when you watched it.

  26. After fight 3 the A.I. changes and plays the same way the rest of the way. Also on any fight the AI can start with a jump kick I usually jump PUNCH at the start of a round if I'm not using a good uppercut player. For some reason jump punch counters jump kick in most causes.

  27. I loved this! I played it on my channel and got WHOOPED! ::glares at Zohar:: haha

  28. Do you have The House of the dead into a modded Arcade1up Arcade? Hopefully soon you can create a video on House of the dead Games

  29. Dude, you’re really good. I’ve used some of your tips from previous videos. I didn’t know you were from Texas too. Hahhaa. Awesome

  30. The ps3 version download is the arcade quality.

  31. Your right, let the computer a.i. throw you out of the corner

  32. hey chris, did ya get those games i sent ya runnin>?

  33. Just seeing this video. It's a definite fact. MKII is programmed to counter every move if you play on the Player 1 side. If you jump towards must opponents, they will either kick you out the air or perform their air projectiles if they have one. Baraka would do his shredder move. Liu Kang would do his air fireball. Very infuriating. Lol!

  34. Interesting how Sub-Zero pulled that fatality off on you considering for that one he's supposed to be standing at the edge of the screen and yet apparently the AI not only cheats but can also pull off a fatality wherever they want. It's like the game is literally mocking us players.

  35. Hey man, if you're ever thinking, "The video would be too long." I'm probably still gonna watch the whole thing .

  36. playing against Kintaro on player 2 side his stomp is easy to counter

  37. Interesting thing to note is that you will never have Forden show up on the Portal in 1-Player mode. The creator of the Mortal Kombat Plus arcade game mods even tracked down the coding.

  38. Yeah to any haters out there talking shit on the Arcade 1ups… No one cares what you guys think, WE are playing arcade games in OUR HOMES like the rich kids from TV…. Except we don't have to be rich but we found a way to make our arcade dreams come true..This somehow makes you angry and want to talk negative to others?.. DON'T HATE because we make it happen and you don't,, you are just angry about your own miserable existence you try to make others feel as bad as YOU do inside, (misery LOVES company),,,,,,,, IN FACT it is YOUR life that is GARBAGE so don't come around here and spread YOUR TRASH.. Now on to the video. GREAT VIDEO MAN.. It looks to be true, i didn't believe it but dayum. I WILL BE TRYING THIS OUT ON MY ARCADE 1UP TODAY…….

  39. My relationship with MK2 is a love/hate relationship, no matter which side you play on the AI will beat you to a pulp and including you self esteem. Hahaha! You have to give the AI a taste of it's own medicine and that is by cheating just as bad in order to win. Lol!

  40. I never liked this game for some reason. MK1 and MK3 are my favorite. I'm restoring a MK3 cab now and can't wait to play the actual hardware. Underrated game in my opinion since UMk3 is what everyone prefers. Well except me lol. Thanks for sharing a Chris.

  41. You can trick them with Kung Lao when you jump back and they use projectiles because you have the Dive Kick.

  42. When you catch them in corner with sweeps they will always jump over you (Vs Sub-Zero)… in your case you had to wait a little longer with the Uppercut or you need to be a little closer to the corner (to face the right direction faster). I discovered many things and exploit to beat the A.I. and i started doing No Damage runs on MK2 recently. I'm not sure 100% and from what i saw you play aggressive, just like me, but if you use the jump back or jump back kick strategy and the A.I. doesn't jump after you and continue to walk like a zombie, he will always walk toward you to throw you… you can sweep and you will always catch him, but it's risky…at least on very hard… i don't know on normal how he behave. If the distance it's safe for him he will jump back otherwise he will get through your sweep(s) and throw you. When he start walking like a zombie the best strategy is to HK him (RHK will work too but you need to time it right because it's not as fast as the HK)… using the LK will result in him sweeping you. (at least on very hard).

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