INCREDIBLE!! I put a ARCADE ROOM inside a shoe cabinet -

INCREDIBLE!! I put a ARCADE ROOM inside a shoe cabinet

Daniele Tartaglia
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🛒 Rotative Encoder 600:
🛒 ARDUINO MICRO (for encoder) :
🛒 IEC PLUG 230V Light switch:
🛒 SPEAKER 4ohm 15W:
🛒 RETRO CONSOLE (alternative to Raspberry):
🛒 POWER SUPPLY 12 VOLT (Light button and led rgb):

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  1. Una maravilla 😍 serían un sueño tener algo así, el arte retro está hermoso. GRAN TRABAJO

  2. hola. puedes enviar esta caja de juegos a otros paises??? a Rusia. y puedes decirme el precio????? yo lo pago todo :))))))))

  3. I straight up watched this twice in one day! Save it so I can watch it again another day … What a banger! 🎮🕹👈😎👍✨

  4. Great vidéo, full of tips, thanks and congrat, great job! I hope to make one this year to play with my daughter too, i'm not as skillfull as you but i'm not afraid and you give a lot of tricks here. Thanks again

  5. Great project, super annoying sounds!

  6. Wait, did you literally use 'Retro Game' for your marquee?

  7. what do i feel me old, when i was young , thats was wat was there to find in a lunapark (need time to remember name…. good if you type none see you wait almost a minute

  8. But now visitors have to stumble upon shoes ;))

  9. 10 out 10 bro won't ask where you got the ROM from
    The next trick make it so when you open it. It turns in PI on

  10. Hello, I would like to obtain that print of your arcade, the images that you printed, but do not disturb, was there any way to obtain them? very good video

  11. Excelente video, saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪✌🏼

  12. Bel progetto peccato che sia stato copiato da un youter un anno fa

  13. what's the name of the software? plss

  14. Its ok to use a nut driver, you can put that cresent wrench away on odd angles.

  15. Say how to make not really showing people just showing you putting it together no cut size things you need pointless really

  16. Ciao Daniele come si chiama il gioco prima di Arkanoid?
    Complimenti per l'ennesima opera d'arte🔝🔝

  17. Jlcpcb took part of your video as their 3D printing advertisement. now unless you had them print your speaker covers and control knob bracket now if you printed them yourselves at home then that would be considered stealing content. Because technically they didn't make your speaker cover or control knob area if you printed it yourself Unless you gave them permission to use part of the video

  18. Muy buen trabajo coko me puedo comunicarme me gustaria tener una consola asi

  19. I should definitely have all those tools and parts laying around. I’m gonna start my build

  20. Oh you played all my favourites there. Bubble Bobble, Tumble Pop, Wonder Boy. I think you missed 1942, but I'll let it slide.

    Great work sir

  21. Not everyone has all those tools 🤣🤣🤣

  22. grazie bellissima idea! ne ho costruito uno con pannelli in mdf già tagliati e fa la sua bella figura, ma mi hai fatto venire voglia di girare per mercatini a cercare un mobiletto adatto per farne un altro e questa volta da zero! grazie mille!

  23. Troppo bella daniele , appena avrò tempo ti " rubero' " l'idea.
    Auguri per il milione di iscritti, anche io ne faccio parte.
    Ciao un saluto LaLe, dalla provincia di Milano . 🤙💚👍👊

  24. Increíble, muy top 🔝🔝🔝🔝

  25. A arcade room? Bad grammar…an arcade room

  26. Most of the games played at the end are the games from my childhood. Amazing work building the arcade.

  27. I sincerely don't understand how we can have decades of ergonomic design research poured into making the perfect handheld controllers but for some reason we still want to wiggle a ball-stick and mash our fingers on a bunch of buttons on a wooden box

  28. Your kids must be so lucky to have such a dad 😁

  29. good job. i think you might have the multigames thing that i ordered but i don't know if you have actual games from the arcade like the Xmen game or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game or the Simpsons game, not the nintendo ones, but the ones that were actually in the arcade, you might have them, i don't know.

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