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If Brawl Stars Was an Arcade Game…

Tribe Gaming
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If Brawl Stars Was an Arcade Game… In this video, Lex has created a 9 level challenge in which Rey, Waseem & Nat attempt to overcome various obstacles in an arcade format. With Kairos and various minions on his side, Lex does his best to stop them progressing at each threshold – but can they hold them back from finally beating one of Lex’s impossible mazes? With a ton of gems on the line and a limited number of lives, can our heroes defeat the big boss? If you enjoy unique content like this, make sure to let us know in the comments down below, like & subscribe!

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Welcome to Tribe Gaming, a channel where we compete in a series of both variety mobile gaming and real life challenges! We feature the best of the best creators in mobile gaming such as Orange Juice Gaming, Lex – Brawl Stars, BenTimm1, KairosTime Gaming, Chief Pat, Rey – Brawl Stars, and many others! Two of the main games we play are Brawl Stars & Clash Royale, using everything from the best to the worst, meta comps, and creating tons of funny moments along the way! We also a play a variety of other games outside of Supercell, so be sure to subscribe!!

If Brawl Stars Was an Arcade Game… This is like Extreme $1,000,000 Minecraft Challenge!, FIRST EVER 80 000 🏆, Buster is BUSTED! | 15 Tests | Buster Olympics!, My Plan For The Rest of 2022…🤔, I Spent $1000 on a New Brawl Stars Account.. Here’s What Happened…. This video features Lex – Brawl Stars, Kairostime Gaming, Rey – Brawl Stars, Waseem & Natwithaheart. Similar to Brawl Stars, brawl stars update, brawl stars new brawlers, gear rework, brawl talk, secret update, brawl stars new meta, brawl stars free gems, brawl stars extreme challenge, brawl stars buster.

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00:00 Intro + Level 1: Bull Race
02:53 Level 2: Kill Every Brock
03:40 Level 3: Mini Boss Battle 1
06:02 Level 4: Ships Ahoy
07:54 Level 5: Nita Bear Den
08:42 Level 6: Mini Boss Battle 2
09:48 Level 7: Buzz Hunting
12:19 Level 8: Big Boss Battle
14:05 Level 9: Impossible Maze


  1. Lex is the Father of Tribe. He has so much money for his 7 kids also spare change for the all the Tribe gang. Soon Lex will have pennies left over for us fans.

  2. Rey did make it the teleported lit up In Level 7

  3. Nat: I hate Edgar!!!
    Me: I will find you and kill you and kill you again

  4. This game is getting carried by the map maker

  5. my world record in bounty s 118 stars!!!!😮‍💨

  6. They used a yu gi oh sound for taking down gems.
    I'm huge fan of yu gi oh so my heart is full.

  7. I copied one of lexs maze from his video :p

  8. Everyone that plays brawl stars vs Nita bear
    Nita’s Bear SOLOS

  9. idk if anoyone else noticed but i think i heard someone say the n word 4:45

  10. This was my first video of watching Tribe, so I will always remember this video.

  11. in last map if they chose eve the win was easy because that jump pad in water

  12. Why even have nat in tribe 😡 she is so trash and not funny like every other membet

  13. L̴͍̊i̸̤͘l̵̺̽t̴̘̑ḁ̵͂ń̴̼g̵̗̊o̸̮͊ 🎃 says:

    13:15 Rey gets Karma for always having his phone on like 10%

  14. Rey as shelly actually Made it to the teleporter in time, you van see that the teleporter is triggerd.

  15. Why does kairos and lex get power cubes? And mr gamis

  16. If there was an animation made out of this I would watch this

  17. When you see the maze: I saw it but I am not playing 😅

  18. Who keeps watching this on repeat
    And i bought the tribe pin plus icon

  19. Ok don't be mean 6000 gems are a lot

  20. It was fun to watch but almost all of the levels where unfair and unbeatable and shelly activated the teleporter in the buzz maze doesnt that count?

  21. in buzz hunting rey did activate the teleporter but he didnt make it

  22. Bro is it just me? Lex is kinda of annoying, but nice vid ❤

  23. Which level did you like the best or think was the hardest? I can't believe what Lex did on level 8 😂

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