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iCade – iPad Arcade Machine – Review

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iCADE Arcade Cabinet review – Want to play classic Arcade games on your iPad or iPad2 the way the were supposed to be played? Like a prebuilt DIY MAME Cabinet, yeah, you’re going to want to take a look at this.

You can get the iCade from ThinkGeek here;

To play emulated Arcade games on your iPad you’ll need to jailbreak and then install iMame4all arcade emulator, which is a version of the popular MAME emulator rebuilt for iOS and Android.
Do not ask me how to jailbreak, or where to get ROMs from, that’s what Google is for dumbass.


  1. Blunty, I would love to see you deck this out. Change up the buttons and case!

    I may purchase one of these for xmas though.

  2. Could the buttons and control stick be swapped out with real Happs components? If that could be done, I would have a instant mini Street Fighter II cabinet!

  3. Blunty, you are a goddamn boss. I Googled "iCade review" went through 9 "reviews" before getting to yours. Yes, most of these guys looked too young to remember arcade gaming (several tested with Missile Command, apparently unaware that it was a trackball game), but that's no excuse for not once mentioning if it lags, seems sturdy, feels good to play, etc. — the only things that matter. Thanks for getting to the meat of it and articulating it beautifully. I'd buy you a beer if I could.

  4. If only every designed could jump on this..

  5. @gadgetmanjay
    Is this even doable? I've been trying to find more info on this.

  6. nice vid, nice bit of kit, but also nice to hear from someone who played the originals and has respect for the cheapness of these imitations.

  7. Are you the guy that did those LittleBigPlanet Documentaries? 😀

  8. This is why I LOVE my Xperia Play…
    Some people prefer Touch Screen controls, but really, do me they're just a bother. >.>

  9. @GREATBRITISHGAMER omg he sounds just like him! Lol

  10. Ha, that was great. I'm pretty sure that was the most well done review I've ever come across on the YouTubes. And unfortunately I've come across quite a few of them…

  11. i have a question can you plzz test the pinball arcade app and see if it works and let me know

  12. To be honest,the iCade looks like a solid product.It gives iPad gaming a whole new meaning,for arcade style games at least.Too bad is so expensive really and the joystick seems like it'll break after prolonged gaming sessions.

  13. Anything is better than using touch screen controls. Been playing the old Midway games and a game called Defender and the touch pad controls ate impossible to use. Wonder if you can play Defender with this new devise. 100.00 is too pricy just to play a few old games.

  14. Looks nice, just wondering if its possible to swap out the buttons and stick for genuine Sansa parts? Going to buy and try once the new iPad is jail broken!

  15. Do you have to buy the games or they come when you buy the icade?

  16. Awesome in depth review i was looking for. Looks i'll be passing on this, shame about the buttons.

  17. What free game does it come with missale command

  18. I opened up the control panel and it looks like the microswitches can be switched to a leaf style. So the buttons aren't so weird.

  19. Wow. THIS man Actually knows what a review is! Simply Awesome on my behalf.

  20. … because these games were DESIGNED to be played with buttons you twit. Touchscreen controls SUCK for this type of gaming… they suck HARD. noob.

  21. that arcade machine is fucking awesoome to play emulated retro games.
    my only miner complain about it is,why does it only have a poke stick and not also an d pad,because playing 2d games with a poke stick will be a bit clumsy and inaccurate.

  22. For some reason do i want to modifi it to a real arcade tabletop machine without a ipad in it… could it be possible Blunty3000?

  23. just picked up an ipad so iam going to pick one up great review

  24. nope but you can buy the iCade jr. tht is designed for ipod/iphone 🙂

  25. Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn!

  26. the guy who did this must be sooooo godamn prowd……godbye shitty touch controls….hello again arcade machines.

  27. Dang! I need to take notes! I just bought the iCade and made a review for it but mine is crap compared to yours.

  28. Gundam, Eva and Transformers… I think you know your stuff! XD

  29. Is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade available to buy for this?

  30. es un puto ipad con pantalla táctil, ¿por qué querrías usar los botones

  31. Excellent review dude. I grew up with arcades and am very fussy about the feel of the buttons

  32. Great Idea….just a little bigger and more quality…and this thing would sell for 350 bucks all day long….playing with the actual controllers would make a world of difference. let me know when i can buy it with Wizard of wor…lol

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