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iCade – iPad Arcade Machine – Review

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iCADE Arcade Cabinet review – Want to play classic Arcade games on your iPad or iPad2 the way the were supposed to be played? Like a prebuilt DIY MAME Cabinet, yeah, you’re going to want to take a look at this.

You can get the iCade from ThinkGeek here;

To play emulated Arcade games on your iPad you’ll need to jailbreak and then install iMame4all arcade emulator, which is a version of the popular MAME emulator rebuilt for iOS and Android.
Do not ask me how to jailbreak, or where to get ROMs from, that’s what Google is for dumbass.


  1. Glad u spoke the truth about the feel of the joystick and buttons. I will be getting this unit anyways for the memory's it will bring back playing old school games on my jail broken iPad 3.

  2. This would be awesome if the apple store had every arcade game available. I'd order one in a heart beat. Run n gun 2, double dragon, bad dudes, shinboi

  3. got this and its cool not bad! to bad most mame games dont run on it but its decent. I see they have made a version 2 of this that looks ridiculous its more of just a fighting controller on ipad i dont like it at all.

  4. So, would buying one of these guys then keeping both it and my pseudo-old ipad 2 perpetually plugged in be a acceptable substitute for a expensive MAME cabinet? I've got $100 to blow and a custom bartop case is a bit out of my budget, but as noted i have a ipad 2 laying about just begging to be used as the "Brain" of something like this.

  5. I thought I saw a slot machine very similar to this that was to be used with ipad? any info you can help me with would be appreciated.

  6. definitely convinced me to buy one now. Im sold!

  7. Nosh Jichols the twitching weatherman says:

    that is so sick, i need to get one for my ipad.

  8. maybe but i highly doubt it sorry check on the apple

  9. Whatever you say noob. But I grew up playing arcade games, and I've designed and built my own massive 4-player MAME arcade cabinet with my own two hands, from scratch.. So I feel quite secure in claiming I know what the fuck I'm talking about here.

  10. This is great for arcade fans! But I'm getting the icontrolpad 2 for my gridlee mame collection

  11. lol why would you use buttons ..

    ahh love this generation


    You are the man blunty

    /not sarcasim

  12. nice arcade 😛 hello you can tell me what game is at 3:35? plz

  13. Is there a way to swap out the buttons and controller for the old school ones?

  14. It's not that it won't, but whether it will properly fit. And also, it's a much smaller screen, there is an alternative which is an iCade Core Gaming Dock, which is much more portable, but it won't have that "arcade cabinet shell" that you see here. I think you also need an adaptor for the "old chargers", coz I think the iPad Mini uses the new chargers if I'm not mistaken.

  15. given that the iCADE is basically a bluetooth keyboard is it possible to pair this with devices running android and if so is their any noticeable control lag.

  16. Anyone know if it works with Android tablets or not?

  17. this is seriously the only reason why i would buy an ipad

  18. OMG!!!
    many people don't notice this but it's not really the gameplay but the fucking awesome looks of that.Perfect for decoration in any gamers room!

  19. That joystick seems to have a lot of travel in it. And yeah, the buttons look nothing like real buttons.

    I'm not sure why they needed to go with cheap buttons. You can get real arcade buttons all over the place, and they're not too expensive.

  20. This just makes me want to build my own.

  21. It does, but it is plenty responsive enough – you don't need to use the whole travel of the joystick, it registers with just a millimeter or 2. The buttons and joystick do their job though, and that's being 100 times better than touch screen. I have a MAME cabinet with Sanwa joysticks and buttons, and nothing compares to that – but this iCade does a very nice job – well worth the money I'd say. Especially if you get Midway Arcade for iPad.

  22. It should. It works with my Galaxy Tab – it's just a bluetooth keyboard really, so if a game can support a keyboard, it should support the iCade. The main issue might be getting the keys to work properly.

  23. actually if you'r using it over bluetooth u might be able to re-asign the keys on some programs (like game emulators)

  24. wow how did you get the old skool turtles game on there? im new to jail breaking etc. I was thinking of buying a icade, being a retro gamer

  25. Let's Play's w/ TheArcheaon in 60fps 1080p says:

    i just got one for $20 from a friend of mine :3

  26. I never paid attention to this since I have an android tablet. But once I found out that it runs on all tablets with bluetooth, I decided I want one.

  27. ION makes crappy products. They really need to invest a good industrial designer.

  28. Can you use this on a Android tablet with bluetooth..??

  29. Does that work with Kaillera server for on-line gaming?

    A friend of mine has an Ipad 1 and we would like to play on-line, so I'd use Mame 32 Plus Plus and he could use this emulator.

  30. Just got the iCade core, and it's amazing. I grew up in the 80s, and I also owned Pong and Vectrex, and played lots of Atari at my friend's house when I was a kid. the buttons on the iCade are actually very robust. The joystick is solid. There's zero latency on this thing. It's mind blowing! With the iCade there is no difference between the Vectrex I used to own and the Vectrex app – except that I like the iCade joystick much better than the Vectrex joystick. The only difference between the buttons on the iCade and what I remember about real arcade game buttons is that arcade buttons were much looser because of all of the use they get. The iCade buttons are very chunky. The bluetooth setup is simple. There's nothing about this console that feels cheap. Well done.

  31. i grew up playing arcade when i was 4 i could not reach the buttons :,D

  32. lol is that a real grade RX-78-2 at the back?

  33. Now for the main question…..is DEFENDER game available on this?

  34. Hello Blunty. My reply here 8 ENTIRE YEARS LATER after this video: I have always LOVED my icade. The only two apps that made it VERY WORTHWHILE were the A) Midway and B) Atari video game collections for just a few dollars! My icade has been sitting dormant for a very long time now, as it's only compatible with the Apple platform. I wish the Icade would make a big comeback for us old-school video game enthusiasts that fed quarters into the machines. There should be a fresh new updated lineups that provides a quality array of the ORIGINALLY LICENSED video games (like Midway & Atari did), plus MORE. And make it even compatible with Android tablets. Is the Icade now just becoming a thing of the past? Lets bring the icade lineup back again!!! (If any developers are reading this).

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