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I Won the “RARE” Card on the NEW SpongeBob Arcade Game!

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at the Clubhouse Fun Center arcade in Rochester NY, to play the brand NEW Spongebob Squarepants Pirates of Bikini Bottom arcade game! This is my first time playing this game and I already love it. To win the 2,000 ticket super bonus jackpot we need to collect ALL 9 cards. Let’s give it a try and see what we can win!



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About Arcade Warrior:

Hi my name is Erik Kane and I’m known as the Arcade Warrior on YouTube. I started posting my arcade adventures many years ago and have built a dedicated following and community through my videos. I’m the original arcade YouTuber who started it all. This is my arcade channel where I like to play arcade ticket games, claw machines, coin pushers, carnival games, mini golf, and so much more! NEW videos are posted every Wednesday and Saturday. Subscribe to my channel and become a “Warrior” today!

I Won the “RARE” Card on the NEW SpongeBob Arcade Game!

Arcade Warrior


  1. Eric, you're funny man! You know that? I mean, shaking your head after drinking some Mountain Dew. That kind of behavior can make people laugh.

  2. The Clubhouse has too many pushers!

    I'm sorry to say, Eric, but I kinda hate the wild Arcade Warrior…

  3. Who lives in an arcade under the sea! ARCADE WARRIOR!

  4. Best Youtuber ever please pin comment

  5. I actually did see this game over in Sydney, it's been out for a while but it is RARE. My game also used the chips a little differently; you got free plays from the chips instead of extra tickets.

  6. Will there ever be a part 2 to see if you could be the first to win the super bonus? 🤔

  7. Just so you know Eric you are my favourite arcade YouTuber I always use your techniques when j go to the arcade love your channel keep it up your hilarious

  8. Play that at putt putt fun center fw i got one of the cards and i have over 23,000 tickets

  9. What a fun neat game! First time seeing this!!

  10. Oh No Erik, I didn’t bring a Mountain Dew Bottle to the arcade, I did win a couple of Jackpots but that would have been better if I had it with me…

  11. I like that game they should add that game in the dave n buster I go to and Yesterday I went there and played the spongebob coin pusher and saw the rarest card and tryed to get it but I ran out of game chips

  12. That was Awesome Man I never seen The New Spongebob Squarepants Arcade Game before and new Cards too!!

  13. Erik proving he's the warrior once again! Banger cookin vid, yo!!!

  14. Nice win. On the road to 2mill subs soon. Lets go!!! Awesome job.

  15. Yo what the heck happened to this channel is it dead?

  16. Every time I grab a dew out of the vending machine at work I yell out dew the dew bay-bey….I'm 37 and it's the best part of my day. Keep smashing jackpots!!!!! I wish my old arcade gigglebees was still open…the good old days.

  17. When is this guy going to get sponsored by mountain dew?

  18. I'm going to Dave and Busters tomorrow so maybe I'll see that game there and hopefully I'll get to play it if I do see it there. If I don't see that game at Dave and Busters tomorrow I keep an eye out for it and play it at that particular arcade I see it at because it looks like a fun game and I would totally love to play it because I'm a big Spongebob fan and a big fan of unique coin pushers like that one was, in which was a marble pusher instead of a traditional coin pusher with coins, tokens/chips, and cards. That particular coin pusher marble pusher kind of reminds me of the WWE coin pusher marble pusher be it has the same concept where it pushes marbles instead of coins and has cards, but the only difference is that it doesn't have chips like the original Spongebob coin pushers you've played in your previous videos.❤😁💰🪙🏴‍☠️🦜☠

  19. Lol the animation of sponge Bob dancing is hilarious

  20. Erik.
    Pirates are something you associate with Halloween.
    You were Dracula last year.

  21. Nice video! Do the blue balls give you tickets as well when they drop?

  22. that is so cool dude I like your arcade games u play on Keep up the good work Dude and i like when u do the Dew That is so good to start with the Arcade day but cool video dude

  23. This game looks fun and the design is cool. The only issue is the cards slide back over marbles much more often than coins

  24. Why stop when they’re right on the edge lol

  25. I wonder why they make this game so.hard to win cards

  26. I just played this game and it awesome! Just a tip there is a chip insert on the game, where you insert the chips you won and the tickets go right on the card.

  27. U are playing it too slow.. u need to find the momentum and it will 100% enter the hole

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