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I Won a PS5 at the Arcade

Brandon’s Randoms
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  1. I hate the arcade first, I play with a climb machine and I tried to get the doll but I couldn’t. I hate the arcade so much.

  2. I hope you don’t actually walk around like that in your free time in public also why is every comment starting with bro

  3. Next time can you giveaway a refurbished ps5 that's all need for me

  4. Thank you I’m happy that you can find a PS five at the arcade

  5. Bro, a PS4 is $150,000 and bro only brown 30 bucks

  6. Why are you dumb and why did you even though that man does cheetah basketball blue you're so silly man😅😅😅😅😅🎉🎉🎉 at least you want the and you were so so so so playso so so so why are you

  7. 😢 Brown place you please es mi cumpleaños

  8. PS five get it in my heart is your Legacy blah blah video? Am I have a PS4 and a PS said dumb ass hole

  9. Who needs veshremy and ryth?

  10. Acting like a fucking retard yeah so entertaining bro 🙄🥱🤦‍♂️

  11. While he was cheating


  12. Brandon=i played with some balls

  13. I’m your biggest fan and my cousin

  14. You know what I got from Dave and busters yesterday I went to the claw machine and got my favourite characters sonic and shadow

  15. Why do you keep walking like that is kinda getting annoying..

  16. bro actually defined the definition of crossing the line

  17. I will report you in Ohio invitory for cheating

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