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I Won A GIANT Prize From This Cut 2 Win Arcade Game!

Claw Craziness
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  1. That’s the worst prize I’ve ever seen in one of those games … should at least be something worth a couple hundred dollars

  2. I would just bring my own sisters open it and then cut it and then steal it

  3. That rubber ducky is so cute duckies are my favorite🐤🐥🐣

  4. They can decide how many plays until it actually let's you do legit unmessed with plays.
    Source: I've worked on many arcade cabinets

  5. I spent almost 30 dollars on a giant Luigi plush in one of those- I failed

  6. Bro can just open the door and cut it

  7. WHAT?!?!?! I’ve never seen one with a giant thing inside?!?!? Only with all types of smaller things. I need to find me one of these!!!!

  8. The most rigged bs game i always see at arcades and movie theaters

  9. I've had similar to this cut 2 win arcade machine in my town and prize was iphone something BUT the catch was the rope it attached to is literally fishing line which is quite strong and machine's blade is insanely dull so basically it was a pure scam

  10. My fiance won a giant gnome in four tries 😂

  11. The positions for the scissors 90% of the time must be
    1-100 sans positions 90-99

  12. I want one of them one time , but I had a lot of stuff in it

  13. Lucifer would love that 😂

  14. I will buy that for $10,000 if you wanna deal, sir

  15. Love games that only apply rng and zero skill

  16. I spent like $58 for that with a little rhinestone bow on it at your competition… I feel robbed (they’re called good luck ducks…)

  17. Tbh i feel it's time to get rid of the exclusive games. Everyone should get the option to play all games regardless of the setup they use more money to the companies more money to devs make better games i have had to stop my self buying a ps5 just to play days gone the game looked brilliant but being an xbox player i got shafted 😢

  18. I've seen a PS5 in one at a roller skating place

  19. An arcade………………….in his giant garage or storage facility lol. This is getting old. Get some new material

  20. When i play these games, i actually have another person in my group stand beside the machine and tell me when to hit the button. This has worked well.

  21. I want itttttttttt plz send it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee😭😭😭😭😭😭😭it sooooooooo cute

  22. Oh man i loved these!! I cleaned out one in a japanese arcade 😂

  23. Game for Lucifer from Hazbin Hotel but with only Rober Ducks plush

  24. no one:

    lucifer morningstar from hazbin hotel:

  25. This is either i play American or David Buster's for people who wanted to know

  26. I need fan art of Lucifer from Hazbin trying to win this game.

  27. Why are these arcades always empty for these type of content?

  28. I was in Sydney Chinatown and you saw one with a giant mew plush really wanted it but they used tokens and the machine was confusing

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