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I Won 25,000 Tickets at the BIGGEST Arcade!!!

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at the Great Canadian Midway in Niagara Falls Canada to play a ton of my favorite arcade ticket games! Let’s play some NEW games, and a few classics and see what we can win! The Midway also has over 300 arcade video games, and it’s the BIGGEST in Canada! I’ve been saving up my tickets over the last few trips and have accumulated over 25,000 arcade tickets!


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About Arcade Warrior:

Hi my name is Erik Kane and I’m known as the Arcade Warrior on YouTube. I started posting my arcade adventures many years ago and have built a dedicated following and community through my videos. I’m the original arcade YouTuber who started it all. This is my arcade channel where I like to play arcade ticket games, claw machines, coin pushers, carnival games, mini golf, and so much more! NEW videos are posted every Wednesday and Saturday. Subscribe to my channel and become a Warrior Today!

I Won 25,000 Tickets at the BIGGEST Arcade!!!

Arcade Warrior

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  1. Hi Erik I think you won 25,000 tickets and right now I am working on my cottage core mosaic blanket and granny squares blanket and half double crochet blanket and I love your channel and your videos and if you keep making videos I will keep watching them and what is your favorite arcade place

  2. Canada still has physical tickets even in modern arcade games?

  3. your the best youtuber ever and you are my favorite

  4. It‘s so sad that we don‘t have much arcade halls in Germany… there is only one I found at Bremen… my country sucks…

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  6. that's a lot of tickets, but what happens when you win 5 million tickets?

  7. Random acts of kindness from an arcade game

  8. Oh, you're in the Falls. Close to where I live.

  9. I promise I didn’t cheat. I think it is 25,000.

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  11. Hey warrior I bet you can comment this video

  12. They probably take down the expensive prizes when they see this guy walk through the door

  13. I think you were there yesterday a couple hit like 30k on one game true??

  14. That’s crazy to think that Eric Kane won 25,000 tickets at the Great Canadian Midway. Way to go Eric 👍.

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