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I Turned This Entire Game Into a Glitchy Pain Paradise – The Coin Game

Let’s Game It Out
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I Turned This Entire Game Into a Glitchy Pain Paradise – The Coin Game – Let’s Game It Out


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More about The Coin Game (from Steam):

The Coin Game is a fun collection of ticket arcades that are all run by goofy robots on an little island full of things to do. The arcades include highly detailed machines with realistic physics that are inspired by modern arcade machines. There are ticket redemption areas to exchange your counted tickets for all kinds of fun prizes. Larry’s Arcade has an in-house animatronic band called Teddy and the Ticket Eaters that would love to play you some tunes while you enjoy the arcade. The most recent addition to Islandville island, UFO Arcade features modern space inspired arcade machines, Lazer Tag and an Indoor Go Kart Race Track. Make sure to watch out for the minions, they really love Teddy and his band and they also are pretty good at Lazer Tag. Run out of money? That’s ok. You can work odd jobs around the island to get back on your feet. Got extra prizes? The island has a Pawn Shop that will buy your used prizes for cash so you can go blow it back at the arcade.

The Coin Game also features a full fledged Traveling Carnival with over 20 classic games, rides and machines to choose from. The carnival also brings new prizes to win, hoard or sell for cash at Barrys pawn shop. The rides are all interactive and are overpriced just like in real life… so you better be winning, working or begging Uncle Phil for more spending cash if you want to enjoy them. (Birthday mode is unlimited money for all you lazies out there that just want to live off of Uncle Phils wallet and have a good time. So dont worry he has you covered). But dont get comfy as Survivor Mode is still being developed. 😉

You can play The Coin Game anyway that you like. For the laid back players, you can just play the fun games and win tickets to exchange for silly prizes. You don’t have to worry about anything but winning tickets. Unlimited money. No curfews. No rules…. just arcade freedom brought to you by your rich Uncle Phil.

The Coin Game includes all the fun activities of a real trip to the arcade. Including drinking soda all day, dodging sugar filled minions and living off of vending machine cheesy poofs. To earn a little extra money you can scavenge the dumpsters and trash cans or even deliver newspapers around the island for extra spending loot. Explore the island on the Islandville bus system or even your very own golf cart.

There is lots of highway traffic and tourist activity on the island all year round, so make sure to keep off the roads or you may get a little surprise. There is even a few areas planned for the future that are off limits for now and surrounded by construction fencing to keep you safe. The Islandville Transit bus is always running if you need to get around the island doing chores. To hail the bus, simply click the button in any bus stop and buy a bus pass. Each bus ride costs one pass ($1.50).

With over 40 different games and machines there is already plenty to do on the island. You can play The Coin Game with any mouse, keyboard or any Dual stick/pad controller. The game includes a easy to use key mapping system to support virtually any controller or peripheral. So you can play The Coin Game any way that you like.

The Coin Game is developed by a one man indie developer over the last 3 years with the wonderful support of his wife, family and 2 weiner dogs.


  1. Oh, noble Josh, creator of wondrous Let'sgameitout,
    A month's moon hath waxed and waned since thy last tale,
    A void of mirth and merriment, we do without,
    Longing for thy videos, which once did regale.

    Thy channel, a realm where laughter doth reign,
    Thy wit, a beacon that guides us through the fray,
    With chaos and cunning, thou dost entertain,
    Oh, when shall thy presence illumine our day?

    The stage of YouTube stands barren and still,
    No antics, no strategies, no joyful uproar,
    We pine for thy brilliance, thy gaming skill,
    Pray, return to us, let thy absence be no more.

    In pixelated realms, thou art our guide,
    Thy laughter, a melody, our hearts shall abide.

    With bated breath, we await thy return,
    Oh, Josh, rekindle the fire that within us doth burn.

  2. He tweeted that he will have some new stuff out soon. I’m probably not the target audience as a middle age woman, but my whole family cackles at his videos. Dead pan and sarcasm is my second language after English and general goofiness. Looking forward to new stuff whenever it comes out.

  3. please play surgineer it looks like a great game

  4. When do we get another video man? I'm missing out if i can't watch you break games.

  5. Where have you gone josh we miss you😢❤

  6. Have you stopped posting anything new? Last n was this over a month ago

  7. When you found out that josh hasn’t uploaded a video for 1 month you know the next one is going to be good

  8. Josh ???? Where are you bro. We need chaos now !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Can't believe you still haven't played Minecraft yet! (And let me tell you, there's a million ways to break Minecraft!) There is litterally no reason to not play Minecraft!

  10. I really thought he had more channels like graystillplays

  11. Josh and GrayStillPlays need to do a collab with each other. Clash of the insanity they both have.

  12. once had a dream where i was in a pool with buildings for giants and i hear 0:00

  13. You should play contraband police on steam 😂

  14. Play deer sim and do the worst crap to the bystanders.

  15. Where are you man, my life has taken falter, next vid please 🙂

  16. You know I check many times every day to see if you've posted a video, you usually post one every month but now I wonder if I won't have you to look forward to

  17. The more time he takes to make a video the more horrifying it is

    Edit: my horrible English

  18. Broo u need to upload more than that.. i love ur video

  19. Mf I finally found this channel I forgot the name I just searched braking game and found it after 2 months

  20. Rumor has it that if you listen very closely you can hear his pc cry

  21. we need to give josh an oscar 🙂

  22. Just came back to this handsome beast. Don't regret it for a second.

  23. Josh is literally the God of finding every glitch in games and causing chaos WHILE ACTUALLY MAKING PROGRESS IN THE GAME.

  24. It occured to me this guy is actually running the airline industry irl

  25. Saddest anime death in history
    No1 salt lamp's death

  26. Raid Shadow legends is unique fascinating game!!! the 50 other exact same games staring

  27. Dude I watched another YouTuber play this so long ago, this is like unlocking a bunch of hidden memories I don’t even remember happening lol

  28. When’s the new one coming outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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