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I tried to profit at an arcade

Drew Gooden
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  1. 25 Dollars per person to bowl?!?! WTF that's steep

  2. I had to replay at 4:39 like 50 times because I’m a simple man and the minion being banished into eternal non existence had me in hysterics

  3. I used to shop at this one store and they'd use tootsie rolls instead of pennies, I miss that place.

  4. The ball game at our main event cheats and drops more than one ball per press sometimes so you can’t win

    The ghostbusters game gives you a win of 500 tickets 1 out of about 3 plays, so I exploit that every time

  5. somebody tell this man he supposed to open the hot dog bun before he puts it in there lol

  6. you’re welcome with us anytime 🙂 -chuck e cheese employee

  7. I keep seeing the pineapple arcade in your footage of the arcade, and it makes me cringe because that's what I end up obsessively playing each time trying to get cards, which I have succeeded on, but that just makes me want to play more

  8. Every time husband and I go to the arcade (read: maybe once a year?), I look at that dusty roomba that has been there since what feels like the beginning of time with its 12000 ticket pricetag. We're never getting that, but I guess we're not the only ones.

  9. was so scared we weren't gonna get any toasted hotdog footage

  10. Idk if anyone has commented this but you were supposed to open the buns to toast the insides lol

  11. I actually tried this game (though not in Orlando) and man. It was HARD to do?? He made it seem really easy. This either means I suck a lot at the game (very likely) or Drew is secretly an epic gamer. Maybe his hack for the game only works on the one machine in Orlando, but I'm impressed.

  12. i thought u would have rly pretty handwriting and now i’m like i don’t really know why i thought that

  13. Drew, when you get the maximum payout and have unawarded tickets, all you have to do is call a tech, they will swipe their card on the machine and the tickets will be awarded to your card automatically.

  14. Btw you have a very similar version style of delivery as John Mulaney

  15. Oh man, as someone who worked in an arcade for a while… When he said his plan was to go back with the free-play card… I just knew it wouldn't work out. At the one I worked at, free-play cards were only good on rides and games where you couldn't win any prizes. The ticketed machines did give normal tickets, but the highest-payout machines were blocked. Ball drop probably would have worked, tho, honestly, high-payout was mostly just coin-dozers.

  16. Imagine the three nine-year old boys with their game cards in hand, waiting for the machine while drew shouts expletives at it, until they realize he's going to be going for the next three hours and walk away.

  17. Deadass thought he was gonna buy an arcade gta style and profit off it lmao

  18. Find you a woman that puts up with stupid shit like this XD

  19. i actually live in orlando so i will seriously consider making an outing to that arcade

  20. drew i skipped the part when u were talking about poggers and i said “nope” and my boyfriend said that was a reference to “nope” the movie by jordan peele (i didn’t really like it that much it had a scary chimpanzee in it named gordy but he liked it and i love him so i respect that i guess)

  21. When you have un-rewarded tickets, you go to the prize redeemer, and they refill it. Then you get your tickets. I used to work at an arcade lol.

  22. The jokes on you. I live in orlando, I'm coming for you Main Event!

  23. i mean, if i buy the hot dog thing they would applaud me… but if you do, they don't say a word. society

  24. Drew you need to watch Mark Rober's new video

  25. Where was Mark Rober’s arcade hack video when you needed it most😔

  26. You think you’re a bad bowler? One time I threw the ball outside of my lane by accident 😭

  27. Being somewhat of a gamer myself, I saw all the twists coming and ….it just made them all that much better. Shared pain comrade

  28. Who watched the "How to beat arcades" video before this?

  29. Ur supposed to open the hotdog bun so it toasts the inside when u slide it in the toaster

  30. This is stupid and my disrespect of you has grown exponentially. Also GIVE ME BACK MY CHILD I HAVE YOUR MONEY YOU FILTH.!!!

  31. Hey, uhh, just a side note; you're supposed to open the bun and put half of the bun in one side and the other half of the bun in the other side, rather than stuff a whole bun into each side.

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