I Spent 12 Hours at a Japanese Arcade, It was weird. (Collab w/ @PewDiePie ) - jadeusgames.com

I Spent 12 Hours at a Japanese Arcade, It was weird. (Collab w/ @PewDiePie )

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  1. the greatest game in the Japanese arcade is chunithm.

  2. I wonder if Sushi Ramen will ever try to make a video with PewDiePie

  3. bro uh completly out of context but u and karl rock look frightningly similar and i love ur videos cya

  4. 111.000.000 subs 4.3M views in 7 months, nice.

  5. Anyone else remember the 100 mil sub rwce between him and that "T" channel

  6. So many subscribers with really bad content.. how does it feel to be the second luckiest man on earth to Edwin Castro? 🙃

  7. I normally never watch Pie…But Love this video….I wanna go now

  8. tutorial you pissed me off thats me with every unskippable tutorial like fuck off im not 2

  9. Why is pewdiepie looking a lot like an ai in this video

  10. yaaaaaaaaaaann.. THIS GUY IS TRYING TO BE LIKE MR BEAST NOW….

  11. In the Internet I learned that you call a european person like that a "weeb" or "greatest weeaboo". Lengthy video gaming expriences are also a hallmark of "otaku" men. But, fear not younglings, this person might be having the time of his life and is, overall, harmless.

  12. what did i just watch…? that was awful! everything about it was terrible! LOL bro, are you ok?

  13. bro he played an idolm@ster song this is a dream come true fr

  14. i love sdvx maimai ddr and maybe bms but i never tried it yass kween

  15. I wonder how his child will do in Japan. Like, will it go to a Japanese school or an international English school?

  16. You sound a lot happier than usual, very epic and high energy!. Imagine casually going to a Japanese arcade and meeting pewdiepie..

  17. Inital D automatically goes to S tier no matter what

  18. And there is a tier list omg ahahah

  19. im telling you right now initial d has a cult following and is S tier

  20. cCc頹 Maria teresa Alonzo manzanilla頹 衙 浳 浤 :3 says:

    Maimai, jubeat, taiko no tatsujin

  21. I've seen so many really cool dancerush stardom videos, feel like it's not really for gamers but more for dancers

  22. Imagine seeing pewdiepie in the cam logs of that dance dance game

  23. are there any games where you don't have to be an astronaut to enjoy them?

  24. japanese arcade is basically heaven for rhythm gamers

  25. Who tf puts Initial D in B tier? That game is legendary and fucking S tier you ingrate.

  26. game devolp and others WE HATE TO PRESS A BUTTON 6000 uncool. Asking my self: hey do u want to play against me ? YES.

  27. Anyboby knows where this arcade is located?

  28. last but not least…. YOU KNOW I SAW GITADORA DRUMMANIA IN THE BACKGROUND!!! i was waiting for you to play it xD its my all time favorite

  29. imagine if all of a sudden pewdiepie just streams himself a 100days on osu

  30. 音ゲープレイしてくれるのとても嬉しい

  31. "[Beatmania] feels like a older game" Dude it's one of THE first rhythm games

  32. 待て待て待て、自由が丘セガじゃねえか!!!青春の場所!

  33. I love this game, great! maimai🎉

  34. I love how you break down complex ideas into understandable chunks. It makes learning enjoyable and accessible.

  35. Well honestly I was expecting him Playing EXVS and getting confused ,but instead he played
    Arsenal base so I am satisfied

  36. Many don’t understand. Wonderland Wars is one of the most interesting MOBAs based on a fairy tale concept. When it is presented to the world, it will be on top of all games, including LoL.

  37. Unless there is tekken there I didnt see a single game I would actually enjoy playing

  38. 太鼓の達人is the best ngl. It's for the chads.

  39. looking great! what is this arcade'd name? where is it located in japan?

  40. felix if you play maimai dx again and you accidentally open the tutorial hold the bottom 2 buttons down until you exit out of the tutorial screen (maimai is s tier game btw). other than that great vids!

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