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I REVEAL HOW TO WIN At The String Cutting Arcade Game! | Barber Cut Lite HACKS

Arcade Matt
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I show some tricks / hacks on how to win at the arcade game Barber Cut Lite, where if you cut the string you win the prize. These arcade games usually have higher end prizes like Apple Airpods, Tablet PCs, Iphones, etc. They are possible to win at if you know how they work! No laser needed for this Barber Cut Lite win!


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About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite – some I play winning money, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show how to win. If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let’s play!


I REVEAL HOW To Win At The String Cutting Arcade Game! | Barber Cut Lite HACKS

Arcade Matt


  1. This video should be illegal. It works so well I got kicked out of an arcade.

  2. Wowee, 18 cuts (not including any off camera cuts)? Either the rope is way too thick, or the scissors are too dull and need sharpening. Probably the latter, given how it is designed to go past the prize if it isn't ready to pay out.
    At 50 cents per play, that's $9 (not including any off camera attempts). So I reckon Matt spent about $10 to get it, which seems kinda steep. 🙁

  3. This is such a helpful video!! I’ve never won playing this game before. Hopefully I can now:)

  4. Love your vibes and the grind you put in for our entertainment I used to be bullied when I was younger and thought I needed to change myself to be accepted by others but appreciate you sticking to your true self for the past 4 years I’ve been watching. Peace and Love ✌🏼

  5. I love your videos Matt 🙂 I love your arcade and mini gold videos

  6. These games that decide when to pay out like this and keymaster that are based on how many times they have been played are scams and should be banned.
    It's a house always wins scenario. It will always be profitable for the arcade because it costs way more to win than what the prize costs.
    But I guess they do the same thing with ticket prizes too. You almost never pay less to win the tickets that what the prize you get is actually worth unless you only play skill based games and you are a god. lol

  7. How much did you pay to get that the funko pop ? Seems like you could just buy it.

  8. This game at the mall near me let’s me cut the string every time, but no matter how many times it gets cut the string won’t break. 🙁

  9. I remember some vendor using fishing line and a dull razor… Same prizes in the unit since 2016… so sad lol

  10. Matt your the best, and I haven't played a claw machine in like 2 years, also Matt do you pin comments? Also keep up the good work Matt💓, love you Matt

  11. These are scams, you pay more than the actual price of the prize. SCAMMMMMMMMMM

  12. If its ready to fall can you just bump string to break it? Go off to side?

  13. How to win… #1 find a machine ready to payout… #2 cut the string, 😂

  14. Welp, now I can't do my "how to" video on this game, because people will say I copied you.

  15. I may be a goober, but I am a goober that finally won a prize from this game. Praise be to Matt!

  16. "A little bit of determination" aka "A LOT OF MONEY"

  17. How many times did it take to cut the string, and how much money does it cost per turn?

  18. I've seen this and never played it. I'll have to try it next time I see it

  19. The weight of the prize also figures into how many cuts. The Funko Pops are very light and therefore have very little downward pull. The more the prize weighs the Quicker it frays !

  20. I doubt you'll see this comment, but I just saw the vid where Brent looked for his mail. I am just trying to say I live in Moon Twp and I love all of your videos.

  21. I'm glad you're giving these tips because now I know just how unfair these machines are.

  22. Any idea where or how to find this??? I live in PA and can’t recall ever seeing one 😩

  23. This guy would be dangerous in a casino 🎰

  24. I won a laptop out of this on a cruise ship. I don't think I'll ever be that lucky again

  25. This is a great video. It's nice to know how to play the Barber Cut games 'cause it's so hard when people don't know how to play it. I didn't know how to play it until this video. This is a game that probably misses out on a lot of money 'cause word has gotten out that it's almost impossible to win unless the person playing is very skilled or lucky. So even before there being arcade videos online, this game was and still is considered too hard and very rigged. I guess a lot of them aren't that rigged. Now more people will probably play this game when more people watch this video or any other Barber Cut tips videos. This video probably got people interested in playing this game which will probably make this game more money instead of it being ignored and having old and not worth getting prizes 'cause the prizes were in the game for way too long 'cause almost no one plays the game to be able to win the prizes. Which is a loss for the arcade as well.

  26. Amazing Win Arcade Matt I enjoy it and I like it

  27. But how much did it cost you to get that 5 or 10 doller prize. I'm guessing around 30 to 50 bucks

  28. The guy playing PTL was winning like back to back.

  29. How much did you spend to win a $5 piece of crap??

  30. I have a barber cut near my house that i have won first try multiple times because they sharpen the blade so dang much!

  31. Now I am so interested in what's going on behind the scenes in these kind of machines. I kind of want to know how the strength of the cut is determined and how the cut is actually done.

  32. Use a powerful 5000mw laser and cut all the strings

  33. My daughter won an iPad mini out of one tonight! So cool! I love this machine!

  34. cheaper to buy the thing yourself unless you can get lucky and find one close to falling

  35. Thank you Matt, definitely subscribing. Just use this today to get AirPods Pro

  36. I only searched this up because they are giving away a ps5 at my local arcade but I missed erverything

  37. I would’ve gone for the echo dot or the other middle prize

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