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I Love the Jurassic Park Arcade Game!

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at the Clubhouse Fun Center arcade in Rochester NY, to play the Jurassic Park arcade game! I don’t play this game often, so let’s see how many points we can rack up! This is the newest Jurassic Park arcade game from Raw Thrills.



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  1. for christmas i want a nerf gun that is a rival and white and is the biggest one.

  2. Your the best and coolest youtuber best youtuber

  3. Hello I have been watching more then 2 years im a biggg fann

  4. Can I have a shout out for my brother Wayne. Thanks

  5. The special gift I really would like for Christmas this year, a prop replica Jumanji board game like from the movie.

  6. Tater tots are ready what kind of intro is that LOL

  7. Hooòo your so cool man biggest fan ever in the whole world

  8. The one with a sail you see Arcade Warrior is a Spinosaurus

  9. If u played the other shooting game on chucks cheese on two players t is harder that’s why it is so es on one player

  10. Arcade warrior Idk how much lives I have left me it is on the dinosaurs

  11. Awesome I love jurassic park arcade game

  12. I haven’t played since a year because of COVID it is literally my favorite arcade game

  13. The Jurassic park arcade game is amazing…🕹️🎮

  14. By the way that dinosaur what a spinosaurus

  15. I’m pretty sure the triceratops is the beginner level, I always did the t-rex second though, I am pretty sure the rex is the hardest but the trike is the easiest.

  16. Raptors * prepare to die Player 1 * shoots raptors

  17. If only the movies was this good as the arcade games. Me and my son love this game. If I had the money and space I will would buy one of these machines.. Would this be available on PS5?

  18. That dinosaur is called the spinosaurus from jurassic park 3

  19. I went full john wick on this game Erik I even finished this game doing the bosses first

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