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I just wanna play Arcade Games.

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In this video we are gonna play Arcade Games! We will also fix a 4 slot NEO GEO with Deoxit and we’ll install anew PCB in our Nintendo Vs. Red Tent!


  1. Tron is my favorite. Galaga is a close second.

  2. I really want a Quantum. That game is one of my favorites.

  3. A good way to clean a slot is to get some thin fabric (like an old dress shirt) and fold it around an old credit card.
    Soak the fabric in the deoxit and then work the card in and out of the slot.
    This works better than using the cartridge because the fabric holds a lot more liquid and also has a scrubbing action.
    We used to do this in the electronics factory where I had my first ever job 🙂

  4. Great game love me some. Mr Do!!

  5. john… finally..you show off your games awesome dude!!!!!!!

  6. Castlevania was my favorte konami game!!!!

  7. Just for the fun of it… which LEVEL of arcade fan are you?

    – Level 1: MAME games in laptop/PC
    – Level 2: MAME games in custom cabinet
    – Level 3: MAME games in 1 original cabinet (ex: multicade)
    – Level 4: 1 original game in 1 original cabinet
    – Level 5: Many original games in their original cabinet (80s arcade)
    – Level 6: Many original games in their original cabinet including historic games like PONG, Computer Space (John's level)

    Level 7 (Museum Level) would be like Fun Spot which is ALL original games in their original cabinets .

  8. It's been raining for almost 2 month straight up here in Quebec too, so I understand the feel to spend some time in the gameroom. Could have use a little bit more of Quantum gameplay but really cool video anyway, I love Mr Do!! Also looking forward to meet you in person at Brofest.

  9. This is my favourite YT channel, don't ever stop John!

  10. DK falls to #2 favorite and john doesn't play DK. So sad

  11. the de-ox is the best i fixed my pin like 10 times with this !! LoL

  12. The reset of "EXTRA" on Neo MrDo is due to you continuing the game.

  13. the character on burger time looks like a kkk member

  14. hay Jon I just listened to the kill screens album science fiction movie and it's really not that bad and pretty decent. I am a hard rock metal punk and so on . but with my musical influences and history! I dig it! one metal horns m/ for the kill screens… and yeah I can see myself grooving to the kill screens.

  15. Your 1st Mr Do video is how I discovered your channel… I thought "this guy REALLY likes Mr Do!"

  16. that wasnt the bonus level in neo mr do, that was just one of the cutscenes between the different levels, the bonus level is a puzzle type level

  17. Every time you showcase the red tent it just makes me want one. UGH. 🙂

  18. You forgot to reset the Pole Position before playing it, lol

  19. Did you see last gamer's 720 arcade serial number 00005. That dudes arcade collection is insane

  20. OK All – I pulled the board out and identified the microprocessor Integrated circuit (90-6013 according to the CC Manual). And placed the red test lead to top right and black lead to bottom left and I'm getting a little over 3 volts. So that means I need to either rebuild or replace the brick power supply right?

  21. Hi John,

    I know you are zapped from Brofest 3 so when you get a chance can you check out the comments below from John Sweda and Arcade Freak 2016? They have been trying to help me, but I fear I'm a little bit unable to keep up with them and don't want to keep bothering them.

    I did everything you said and tested the voltage on the Microprocessor Integrated Circuit (90-6013 according to the specification manual) and I'm getting a little over 3volts. I also popped out the board and removed all the socketed integrated circuits, cleaned with alcohol, let it dry and then popped (carefully) all the circuits back in with the same result. No according to the CC Manual page 2-2 (Self Test). "If RAM fails, a sequence of seven beep sounds will be emitted from the game speakers and will be repeated." If you watch my video again, you can hear this sequence. And when you look at the related table 2-1 (in Manual), mine is emitting the code for a failed RAM at 6B (137198-001 according to specification). Could this be a false positive error if the board was not getting the correct voltage? Another question is how do I test that power supply when the board is not connected? Is there a way to do this with the old "Brick" Power Supplies? There doesn't seem to be any type of way to regulate the voltage like on the switching power supply (like in my Street Fighter II that I replaced). What should I do at this point???? Thanks again for any assistance. Kevykev

  22. On F-1 Race, I think I played a little bit of a ROM of it, it was fun! I believe it's also in the same series as Excitebike in the 'Programmable' series where you can design your own track and race on it!

  23. hay john I have just started watching our vids and have to say thanks.  I just got a road blaster for free on cl and a golden tee for 60 bucks both need work but I hope I can fix them the road blaster so far has a failed switching power supply and the golden tee has a monitor part that smokes when its turned on so I will keep watching your stuff I have found a new hobby lol

  24. Love the channel John but I miss the restore videos…

  25. Anyone know where to get the side panel graphics for the NeoGeo 4 slot machine? Got mine fully restored but need the side panel artwork!

  26. enthusiasm level 11! Really enjoying these videos, I wish we had these dedicated arcade cabinets like you guys, instead of generic cabs in NZ, I did manage to find a dedicated Super off road though!

  27. all I can think is the song. all I can say is my life is pretty plain I like watching puddles gather rain. it's not sane. blind Mellon.

  28. and coming from the future your journey monitor will work. just takes some time and effort.

  29. sorry jon me watching you play your really cool arcade games. and playing those arcade with me watching you playing those game. I really have no say in that matter. play all you want. I will sit back and injoyment with your collection.

  30. The first 42 seconds is just rain.

  31. I'm new here you have an arcade in your BASEMENT

  32. When i got my nes when it came out i only had a few games like 4-6 for a long time and wrecking crew was 1 of them and man did i play it a ton when i was young. Theres bonus rounds and thicker walls (brick etc) that take like 4 hits to break if childhood memory serves haha. I was always terrible at 720 haha i wanted to be good at it; always felt like an adult game id watch dudes that smoked play it haha
    Glad you made this episode, been wanting you take make playing vids a while, the restore vids are amazing but this is cool man. Do you still have Cloak and Dagger? I recently picked up a Pole Position 2, working on bringing it back to life ; )

  33. oh jesus as an english kid hearing that accent, i just cringed lol. (Were not all posh ok lol)

  34. Why are you filming puddles John lmao. Why is Luigi wearing pink?

  35. I'd love a Sinistar, anyone know how many great British pounds I'd have to pay for a working one?

  36. hello how can i clone my arcade video game hard drive

  37. Do you have the mysterious POLYBIUS

  38. Quantum sounds like a game I would have trouble playing as a kid. I really didn't get far on games with trackballs (Centipede, Tempest, etc.)

  39. Lol seems a little bit high on dope at the start of the videos. Having big fun for sure🤪

  40. Do I hear Dragon's Lair in the BG?! (Note: I have not finished the video, yet.)
    Because of you and my friend Cree, I've decided to set up an arcade in the basement of my future home (me and my boyfriend are getting married in October and we are going to move into a house in Syracuse.) My future husband is going to pitch in the arcade fund with his social security money, and I find it very hard to learn about owning one. Thanks a million for showing me the ropes!!

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