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I Got An ARCADE MACHINE, How Much $$ Does It Make?

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You’ve asked for arcade machines for QUITE SOME TIME, and this is part one of a SERIES of me starting an ARCADE. This machine is just for my laundromat that I’ve been doing videos concerning for a while now. The NEXT STEP is the “Actual Arcade” Which I have 3 machines for now, and will be picking up more VERY SOON. We are filming that next step RIGHT NOW.

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As time goes on we will be tracking the $900 it took to purchase this machine, however it’s on track to pay that off pretty quick.

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  1. How much was the arcade game? Also, where is the best place to cans of pop?

  2. I carried my kids to work and they all work hard as adults now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What is the camera name that you are filming with?

  4. At 12:23 I see a dial near the power/start buttons of thee coin counting machine, doesn't that mean that you could just turn the dial and make the machine accept any type of coin?

  5. This a great video and great teach to your kids that money don’t grow in tree and the can appreciate all your hard work . Stay safe and bring aswome content like always

  6. I think it's smart to bring your kid. It can give her a bigger idea how the business works.

  7. This is becoming annoying! Your in Ohio, it's not NC, TX or FL. You can't just walk in and "buy" businesses for dirt like u can in population starving Ohio.

  8. Excuse me but You said that child is named tempy?

  9. It's good that you bring your kids to work because you can teach them how the machines work and also teach them the value of money

  10. How much initial capital is needed to open a laundry?

  11. Imagine having a dad with an arcademachine AND a bucket full of quarters!

  12. The real win here is that your mortgage is only $500!

  13. I think having your kid is fine but make sure it doesn't violate any laws since ur making money off this and also make sure your child is fine being recorded obviously.

  14. Good news is ohio is home to lots of old operators. Join some arcade groups and try and find a neo geo cabinet. That's a staple of laundromat. Able to change out games at will at any location

  15. The logic board in that arcade game you have could be a problem if the wrong sort sees it operating in public and collecting money. Over the past several years, cheap "60-in-1" boards have been sold all over the world. You can get them on eBay for $25 or thereabouts … even less if you buy them in quantity. They work of course, but all of the games are not licensed. It's basically an illegal product.

    I highly doubt someone is going to raise a stink about an arcade game in a laundromat running unlicensed software. However, some people that run those bars packed with old arcade games and pinball machines have been inspected to verify that they are running proper, original hardware. If they're running the games illegally, these inspectors report the violation to anti-piracy groups or the rights holder themselves. The company holding the rights to the game can make your life miserable if someone wants to make an impression on their boss or something :-).

    I'd keep this in mind. The person that sold you that game should have told you this. If they didn't, I recommend you find someone else to sell you arcade games.

  16. Its a great idea and gives them good knowledge that you need to have a job to have a good life and gives them motivation very cool 👍

  17. Diet Coke expires very quickly and tastes nasty when it’s old. I’m wondering if that’s your problem. My work goes thru 5 times more Diet Coke than any other product.

  18. Thank you for being so transparent with your videos. Love seeing the behind the scenes.

  19. We have a young future entrepreneur here! It’s awesome to introduce entrepreneurship at a young age.

  20. I think its great your kids get to see what you do, teach them early and watch them grow. I wish I had a mentor even today

  21. Why do I find stuff like this so satisfying? Also, can someone please explain the American money system to me?

  22. A laundramat is a good place for one of those, could make some coin. People are probably sick of the phone games and facebook.

  23. Having the kids on the videos is cute and also educational for them! Nothing like real world hands on knowledge!

  24. It's good to start kids young, teaching them these things.

  25. When I was a kid I always wanted a Galaga Arcade Machine in my room. It was my favorite game as a kid. This video made me remember that.

  26. Now I realize why everyone says they're having a coin shortage. You have all the Quarters….lol

  27. Take your kids to work every chance you get. Teaches them good work ethics, and the basic skills of running a business. My daughter is 14, and I have helped her sell HBA products on Ebay since she was 12. It has really taught her the value of money, and the amount of effort that goes into running the business. If you want your children to succeed, you need to give them the tools and knowledge to achieve it. Knowledge is power!!

  28. Fwiw, I say keep your kids off the internet, full stop! Edit: for safety

  29. I can't believe you called your kid an avatar of the comment section!

  30. your kids are just amazing keep them in the vidoes!

  31. I like the idea of you bringing in your kids around to the laundromat business cause they get to understand what you do on the daily basis and learn the basics of being a business entrepreneur

  32. Gavin Wiener Consulting and Automation says:

    Really like that you're getting your kids introduced to the business world. I wish this type of thing was just "part of my life" as I was growing up – has a big impact on your mindsets.

  33. Great to teach kids money 💰 and businesses

  34. I think it's great to get your kids involved in the business. It teaches them about ways to earn money and skills. Next thing you know they will want to own their own arcade machines and with your knowledge of teaching them this skill they can leave high school already knowing how to run a business.

  35. I have several arcade machines myself and its interesting to see what sort of money they make in a commercial setting. However, it looks like you have a 60 in 1 board in that machine. That is a Chinese bootleg board (the games belong to Nintendo etc and are not licensed). Obviously it's up to you what you want to run in the machine, but I would advise against running that board in a commercial setting with regards to legality. If you are opening your own arcade, make sure that you are using legit boards. The problem is, is that they can be quite expensive.

  36. what was your start-up cost for getting the business together

  37. Great for the children to see the work involved.

  38. I have 5 kids and run a small business and it can be very very hard to include them sometimes because it would be faster and easier to just go and do it myself, but the skills and life lessons they are learning completely make up for it. My dad ran a small business my whole child hood and took me along and the lesson that hard work equals money has never left me

  39. Romans 10 : 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be savedJohn 3:16
    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

  40. It is nice that you are teaching the kids, the biz at a young age. There are plenty of coin collectors that would love to search , your quarters for error coins. Of course, that could also be another activity for the kids! 😉

  41. I like how you are showing your children how your business works. They could be future entrepreneurs. Keep up the good work.

  42. We like seeing your kiddos help with the biz

  43. $900 is like 2-4 times the price of that arcade machine rip

  44. How do you make money off the change machine if it only splits bills to quarters?

  45. I actually found many arcade machines in my area in these building from like 1972 or sum but there very old classics games like mortal combate and a racing game just hanging In a abandoned building

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