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I Found The Weirdest Carnival Game Ever & WON

Arcade Matt
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I found a carnival game ring toss where if you ring a knife, you win it! I try 2 different carnival ring toss games at this fair to see which one wins us more prizes. First one I get a HUGE $20 bucket of rings. The second one seems to be an impossible carnival game for some reason. Let’s see how many times we can win at the carnival!



About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine or crane game as they’re called and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give major prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite and some have unique prizes on the edge to win. On some games I even show arcade hacks and how to win more arcade games. I also play carnival games winning big prizes! I usually cash in all of my arcade tickets for a prize, some I even unbox! It’s a mystery! Lets have some fun and Lets play!

I Found The Weirdest Carnival Game Ever & WON

Arcade Matt


  1. I still don’t see why in this day why anyone needs to get knives this way. And the world wonders why knife cry is high

  2. love the Monty Python reference about the knife

  3. I’ve been wanting to find one of these near me, where do you find them all at?

  4. These knife games would never be allowed in England – you are arrested for carrying a knife 🔪

  5. Hey buddy my boy thinks you should go to Las Vegas they have carnival games inside Circus Circus and downstairs you can play live money games they have a money claw or some big bucks in it that would be kind of cool video😎

  6. Have you tried to go for the big knife or machete on top?

  7. Bruh how come
    Now you say it’s weird you have be playing this carnival game for the last 3 years

  8. You should go for one of the big ones if you can't do it on this video to a moment other video be nice as usual when one of those big knives you should try to go for one of those big nice can't do in this video you should try to do another video

  9. Goober, from now on, just charge an appearance fee whenever you show up to a carnival, because YOU ARE THE ATTRACTION! You show up, and like the Pied Piper, you bring followers.

  10. 200 rings for $20 great deal. Congratulations on cool kinfs

  11. I loved watching this video and seeing so many people recognize Matt as I had watch his videos since I was 10 it makes me happy that people get a chance to meet him

  12. What carnival was this? Looks awesome I haven't seen anything like that at other ones.

  13. It’s so fun seeing people recognize you in public. So cool to see your audience grow since I’ve been watching you since 2012

  14. you should retitel this epsiode to "How manny fans can i get to recognize me at the fair".

  15. Dude, if you win anymore knives, you're gonna have to sell off your ski ball game to make room.

  16. That game looks super fun but super hard. I'm not too good at throwing games but I'd play anyway because I want any of those knives. Too bad I'm nowhere near a carnival here in the San Francisco Bay Area (at least that I know of).

  17. Arcade matt be like. im regular everyday normal guy. “Hot chic, can I get pic?” Sure why not, Class Act Matt. And yea…we know. Thanks for posting when you didnt win. Good content

  18. Will they let you throw a whole bucket at once if you're the only person?

  19. Been watching Matt since I was a kid, I’m 19 and still watching❤

  20. Love the videos brother keep it up

  21. I wanna meet you someday man, I live in NY and its a pain to get out sometimes

  22. 2:13 Due to the angle it's on, the ring Joe threw looks like the very front of it is being obscured by the fluff. It also looks like that ring is actually around that knife, but due to the abovementioned points, it's really hard to tell. If it's not on, then it's the best optical illusion in Arcade Matt history.

  23. Darcy Waters [The RJ, Wubbzy And Blockbuster Fan] says:

    Awesome video I’ve been a huge fan for 7 years…. Whenever I watch a video of yours i feel awesome SHABANG!!!!

  24. That’s why I’ve always loved Matt’s channel…. He’s always so kind to the fans and always gives back to the community.

  25. Matt the well known Youtuber with a huge fan base. Such a humble man always there for the Fans giving pictures and stickers. Everyone loves Matt!!

  26. Did anyone see the " " at " " in the video? Very nice.

  27. Is this an American thing? Seems wildly unsafe to give people knives

  28. What a weird country. Kids playing to win knives ?

  29. Hey Matt,
    I learned how to be more successful at Monster Drop Extreme thanks to your videos. I was @ a work party on January 22nd, and I got to play the arcade games for free, but I wouldn't win any tickets for them. Even though this was the case, I still got the regular jackpot SIX times that night, including one time where it swished straight through! Keep up the great work with your videos, they are entertaining and educational.

  30. By far my favorite game to watch. Nice wins!

  31. I like all your videos. Keep up with what you do best.

  32. Miss when you played “the coin game” at the beginning of the pandemic

  33. Lol. Selling knives at a carnival 😂and no one sees the problem with that 😊

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