I Finally Won the Monopoly Arcade Game Jackpot! (Big Win) - jadeusgames.com

I Finally Won the Monopoly Arcade Game Jackpot! (Big Win)

Arcade Warrior
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Today I’m back at the Clubhouse Fun Center arcade in Rochester NY to play a variety of arcade ticket games! I also try my luck at the Monopoly Roll N’ Go arcade game and hit the big Boardwalk bonus jackpot!


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I Finally Won the Monopoly Arcade Game Jackpot! (Big Win)


  1. I have watched sense you first started making the holiday-themed at home claw machine videos

  2. The monopoly game was so much fun at the arcade I went to

  3. i really like your videos any chance the mountain drew could come back

  4. Hey Erik I got a question: how many tickets do you have on every arcade game??

  5. If you're too busy to go to Kings Island with me, that's fine!
    You can pack up everything from work. And then get your own hotel room, and then work.

  6. You'are best Arcade player man 3:26 You can play that Game on your Phone They call Piano Tile

  7. The cameraman needs to not talk, he's a camera man not a podcast leader

  8. Omg they have real 24 karat gold coins from a pirate ship in the coin pusher!

  9. Awesome win

    Also love the Talladega Nights Reference at 3:45 That’s my favorite movie of all time!

  10. Hey arcade Warrior I went to your website and I couldn't access your site I really wanted to get my gf a gift

  11. I think pearl fishery and dizzy chicken and my favorite games

  12. 2 weeks ago at putt putt putt fun center I got super bonus over 300 tickets. At laser x I got 2 jackpots on power drop extreme this past Friday made over 1,000 tickets

  13. THESE are the types of videos I like. JACKPOT WINS

  14. My fiancée and I went to an arcade like a week or so ago and on our first visit we got over 9,000 tickets

  15. Hope you don't get hooked on video poker machines

  16. Well freaking done, Erik! That's amazing jackpot ever, because you are the "Arcade Warrior," Baby Boy! Shabang!

  17. Next time, please come to Dave & Buster's in Tempe…And I will be excited that we'll together both meet in person. I also do really love your videos and I sometimes win Jackpots too. 😊

  18. I never expected Arcade Warrior to be my 2 uncles haunting their favorite arcade. Covid man….

  19. good to hear you using Grant Cardone's quotes! hes such a legend!

  20. I saw the Monopoly arcade game in the beginning of the video in the background

  21. i went to the arcade last week and won almost 16,000 tickets!! most from ticket ring machines! was absolutely insane

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